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YummY! - Hailam Fried Mee @ Hai Onn Penang

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Burma Road, Penang, Malaysia - October, 2013
Good Hailam fried noodles is a dish that is pretty hard to find in Malaysia. Yes, many tai-show stalls do sell Fried Hailam Mee, but these are poor variations of the original style.
Back in Peanang, I popped into Hai Onn Restaurant, a place renown for good Hailam food and did get to taste one of the better Hailam Mee.

I was on a trip up to Penang to do some cycling with local friends (... see Up The Carpet blog), when I cycled passed this place and decided to pop in. Knowing that traditional places like these have slow service, I was a bit hesitant, but it was mid-afternoon, and the place was quite vacant, so in I went and ordered their Hailam Fried noodles.

The noodles came, a mix of Chinese yellow noodles and vermicelli, it had two large prawns on top with a fair bit of cut choy sum; hidden inside are slices of pork. Hailam Fried Mee is normally fried without soy sauce, so it has a lighter colour look than Penang Fried Hokkein Mee. Some would say that the two are similar, but without the dark soy sauce their taste is definitely different.

Another thing is the noodles is fried until the yellow noodles are fairly soft and thick residual gravy from the frying is scooped in to form the overall dish. Some chilli is added to one side for one to stir in to one's liking. Liking things spicy, I requested for more chilli.
The noodles here is good, and the gravy with a hint of prawny taste just made it more delightful. YummY!

To go with the noodles I had this Hailaim Iced Coffee; it was not up to par - I have tasted better. Perhaps, their hot coffee should taste better but then one would expect better from a Hailam coffee joint.
One other thing is - try to avoid peak hours as one would have to wait more than an hour for the orders to arrive. Even during off peak, my food only came after half an hour. There is another good Hailam Fried Noodles at the coffee shop next to the Kimberley Street food court.

53- 55 Burma Road, George Town

10050 Penang, Malaysia
Tel : +604-227 4751

GPS: 5.417479, 100.329068

Hai Onn Restaurant Location Map (Google Map Link)

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