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YummY! - Fat Boy's Burger Bar

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Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fat Boy's Burger Bar serves some mean burgers. Mean, feeling and good!
This burger franchise was started by Singaporean brothers Bernie and Kennie Tay (see Fatboy’s Guide To Building A Burger Business).

My family was there for dinner at around 7:30pm and there was already a short queue waiting for seats. So we joined the queue, and hoped we didn't have to long too wait. The wait wasn't too long though, as we were soon shown to our counter-height table inside. There is a smoking section outside too, as this outlet faces an open atrium.

Outdoor Seating at Fat Boy's
Business was brisk and we had to wait a while for the waiters to bring the menu and even a little more longer for them to take our order. The food must be good here! But they could improve on their service during peak hours.

Fat Boy's Build Your Own Burger Menu
To cut it short, I ordered for a Mahalo pork-burger, while my two adventurous sons ordered custom-designed lamb-burgers. For drinks we ordered a thick Vanilla Milkshake, one Bailey's Milkshake (with Bailey's whiskey thrown in) and some water. We skipped the soup as we were pretty hungry!

Fat Boy's Pork-Burger
My Pork-burger came first. It looks scrumptious with juices still oozing down from the patty and the cheese nicely meltingly flopping over. Some salad and potato chips were served with it.

The pork patty was of healthy proportions and thick (unlike those from the fast food joints). Just above the bottom bun was a slice of cheese followed by a slice of bacon, then the thick patty, another slice of cheese. A slice of tomato, pineapple and the upper sesame-bun topped up the whole tower. The whole combination was held together by a long wooden skewer.
At RM19:50 this was value for money when compared to the fast food joints. Now wonder they call their burgers, speciality burgers.

Fat Boy's Lamb Burger
The lamb-burgers came next, being served with the same combo of salad and potato chips. It was even taller than my pork burger. The boys must have a healthy appetite.

The boys have really built they own towers - an odd combination of very thick lamb patty, with bacon, Portobello mushroom, Mozarella cheese, pineapple, honey mustard sauce, etc. The lamb patty looks very nicely done and just slightly burnt over the grille, wafting out a strong smell of lamb. Lamb-burgers are a rarity for me, so I took a big bite under the anxious eyes of my son. It was good, very good and tender, with a fresh and solid taste of mutton. At around RM30/= each, prices was comparable to lamb shops as the lamb patties are thick.

All the burgers were served with large, chunky chips (not fries) like those of the British fish n chips, but crispier.

One can daintily eat the burgers (like me) slowly cutting through the bun and patty, and savoring its taste. OR follow likewise my sons, opening the mouths as large as possible and take huge bites.

Fat Boy's provide good quality Heinz chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, yellow mustard, salt & black pepper to go with the burgers.

The vanilla milk-shake was thick and creamy, one could still see a hint of ice-cream in the drink. They must have whip up the milk-shake and added an extra scoop of ice-cream. It was sweet but overly.

Same goes for the Bailey's milkshake, except with this there seems to be more ice-cream. The Baileys's added just gave the drink a hint of whiskey and a little headiness.

Fat Boy's Menu is quite comprehensive, covering a range of beef-burgers, lamb-burgers, pork-burgers, hot-dogs, sandwiches. They also have standard fare like salads, fish n chips, steak, salmon fillet, bangers, soup, appetizers, etc.

Their Build-it-Yourself menu is for the more adventurous or particular. Choose your own buns, patties, add-ons & sauces. Could be a double whammy or triple-whammy! It's up to you.

There is also a good range of drinks - fruit juices, floats and milkshakes. Local & imported bottled beers are also available. Cost of the regular drinks are a tad on the high side, but then they are located in an up-market mall.

I never did like burgers, eating them out of necessity rather than enjoying them. Why? Because most of the patties I have tried are tough, dry and taste like saw-dust. Eating at Fat Boy's have taught me to give burgers a second look and appreciate them.

Address:  Lot 30, Level G2, Publika Shopping Mall,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: (06)03-6206-1352

Cost : 
RM 18-50  : Mahalo Pork Burger
RM 30-00 : Build-urself Lamb Burger
RM 32-50 : Build-urself Lamb Burger
RM 12-00 : Vanilla Milkshake
RM 22-00 : Bailey's Milkshake
RM 115-00: Total excl. taxes.

Fat Boy's Burger Bar Location Map (Google Map Link)

Review / Rating :
Overall Rating : 7.3/10
Recommendation : Go for the Burgers! 
1. Taste :  
(Rated 40/50) - Thick, juicy patties with complementary extras adds to the burger eating adventure.

2. Location : 
(Rated 7/10) - Up-market location in shopping complex, ample parking.

3. Cleanliness / Service: 
(Rated 6/10) - Clean. Service a bit slow at peak hours.

4. Presentation : 
(Rated 6/10) - Average as this is a burger bar. But better than fast-food presentation.

5. Value For Money : 
(Rated 6.5/10) - Some would say pricey for burgers, but when considering their portions it's better value than the fast food outlets. For value, to stick to menu burgers.

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