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Art Gallery - Jalan Alor Street Art

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Jalan Alor Street Art
Jalan Alor/Jalan Berangan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - June 2018
Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur is a magnet for tourists looking for respectable Malaysian street food, some good restaurants too. Because of this, it is a hive of activity at night. Lately, another element has been has come in to to the colour & gaiety of the place - Street Art. These murals painted onto the back walls of the shop-houses here. They are not located at Jalan Alor itslef, but at the alleys parallel to Jalan Berangan at the far northern end of Jalan Alor. Let's have a look at some of them. The top one spanning two stories high is a colourful psychedelic one of a young boy blowing bubbles.

The murals on the walls (and sometimes even on the floor) of the back alley that runs in between Changkat Bukit Bintang and Jalan Berangan, and with some potruding out with stepped side lanes towards these roads, 

These alleys have been spruced up, looking very clean.

At one of the side lanes: "Waterfall" running down the steps with green jungle walls and neon clouds hanging above. Be careful walking here as the steps are uneven so as to create ramps for wheelchairs.

The "waterfall" trickles down into a lily pond with koi fishes.
Click here Google Street View of this side lane opposite the Jalan Berangan-Jalan Bedara junction.

A grumpy looking owl amidst icons of beers and forks, etc., these most likely denoting the colourful night activities within the neighbourhood. Does the grouchy owl represent on of those resident whose eyes are kept wide awake by the din of these activities.

Going nature... with butterflies.
Pardon if you see bicycles & cyclists in these photos, we were on a cycling get around of Kuala Lumpur.

Even narrow alleys are not spared the painter's colourful brush!

Hi... beautiful!

Slightly away, off Tengkat Tong Shin, is Jalan Rembia with bright yellow walls and playful black cats.
Click for Google Street View of Jalan Rembia.

Further away, there are still hints of artiness, like this signboard for the Mongolia Barbecue.

And above the Queen's Restaurant, a black and white mural of famous historical personalities. I can recognize Fidel Castro, Abraham Lincoln and Audrey Heburn!

To the side of the "Famous Persons" mural is another owl; this one giving a friendly Yo!

An red-head alien Martian, belting out a colourful rendition (literally) from his saxophone!

And a HUGE giant red man!
Click for Google Street View of this mural at the Car-park Opposite Menara PMI.

These murals have made this area a more colourful and lively place, and a far cry from Jalan Alor's seedy past of escort girls, massage parlours, etc., of three to four decades ago.

Other Google Street views of these murals:
- waterfall at Jalan Berangan-Jalan Bedara.

Location map of the murals at Jalan Alor locality.

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