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Photo Gallery - Cambodian Art

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PHOTO GALLERY - Cambodian Art
Phnom Penh - January 2013
Stylized Color Painting of Jayavarman VII
While in Phnom Penh I tried to visit their Royal University Of Fine Arts but was not sure whether they granted entry to outsiders. The few people at the compound there were not sure. So I did the next best thing.

I went over to the shops opposite the university. Over there they sell paintings by the artists/students. I bought some paintings there, so they allowed me to take photos of the others. The photos I took could be at angles or blocked by other paintings, I have cropped accordingly. So it is best to go there and view for yourselves.


Painting of Fight Between Good & Evil from Angkor Wat's sandstone walls.

Temple Ruins

Bayon Statue Heads in Tree Vines

Soldiers & War Elephants

Fight Between Good & Evil (by different artist)

Angkor Wat At Dawn

Angkor Entrance

Angkor Wat Reflections

Meditating King Jayavarnam VII

Armless Lady

Female Dancer

Twin Female Dancers

Female Dancers

Angkor Wat Reflections In Lily Pond

Ankor Wat Dawn Reflections

Constructing Angkor Wat

Buddha In Panels

Kings In The Jungle

Angkor Wat Entrance

King & Elephants In the Jungle

Kings & Elephants In The Jungle

Bayon Ruins

Bayon Temple In The Jungle

Ceremonial Procession

King Jayavarnam VII in stylized colors

Ceremonial Procession

Traditional Khmer Musician

Angkor Wat Boat Race

King Jayavarnam VII in patchy colors


Aspara Dancer

Traditional Village Maiden Fetching Water

Haruman & The Mermaid

Female & Male Aspara Dancers

Fisherman Casting Net At Dawn

White & Pink Water Lily Flowers

White Frangipani Flowers

Fishermen & Waterlilies In The Lake

Aspara Dancers

Leopard Cat

Aspara Dancer In White

Nature's Child

Peacocks In The Tree

Lady In The Wind

White Water Lily Flowers

Lady Water Bearer In White

Bathing White Cows In The River

Array of smaller paintings

Another array of smaller paintings


Flowery Wheels Sandstone Wall Panel Carving
(near Psar Kadal)

Close up of Flowery Wheel

Armless Male Torsos
(at Phnom Penh International Airport)

Armless Male Body
(at Phnom Penh International Airport)

"Durga" - Armless Female Body
(at Phnom Penh International Airport)

Khmer Male Ceremonial Head-dress

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