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Art Gallery - Spanish Art: Street Art @ Granada

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Spanish Art: Street Art @ Granada
Granada, Spain - November 2019
While in Granada during a 2019 cycling tour of the Iberian Peninsular, we were headed for the Alcaicería (Moroccan Moorish Bazaar Market) made a wrong turn and went up to the Realejo neighbourhood located just at the foothills of the Alhambra.

But this wrong turn had us discover some nice street art murals at the vicinity of the Centro Privado de Enseñanza Santo Domingo (see map below). Below are the photos of the murals. Enjoy!

Fishing in the lake among pastel colored swans.

A series of wall murals, one with a guardian angel at the center.

Moorish archway.

Waiting corner at the main entrance to the Centro Privado de Enseñanza Santo Domingo.

Nicely executed techi-color lion.

Young boys playing games.

Close up of one of the young boys.

A long mural wall with a mural painted house above.

Close up of the mural painted house.

Another mural painted building, done in earth tones.

Close up of the left wall.

Close up of the main wall.
We also saw some other nice murals at the Campo de Principe locality where we stayed (see map below).
Below are the photos of these murals. Enjoy!
Murals along the street, is he a wizard? No he is "El prince de el campo", i.e. "The prince of the countryside".

Murals along a stepped side street.

His and Hers mural done in half-cartoon style.

A poster advertising Stone Brewing beers stating "Aquí servimos cerveza condenadamente buena", which means "We serve damn good beer here."

Bye, bye! from the prince.

Click here for Street View 1
Click here for Street View 2
Click here for Street View 3

Centro Privado de Enseñanza Santo Domingo
GPS & Direction Map: 37.17030, -3.58864.

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