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YummY! - Nyonya Food & Antiques @ Teck Kee

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Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia - September 2014
Teck Kee in Teluk Intan is a curious place!
It touts itself as a joint that sells Nyonya food and kueh, but step inside and one seems to have been tele-ported back into the past, into an era when the Nyonya culture was thriving.

You see, other than enjoying the good Nyonya food here, one can also appreciate the many pieces of antiquities within the shop. And the best thing is that all the antiques are up for sale. Even these bamboo stools we were sitting on and the table we were eating from were up for sale!

Don't expect to have a feast of Nyonya fare here, you won't fine those curries, chap chai soup (chop suey), etc. Other than Nyonya kueh, Teck Kee basically sells Nyonya desserts such as Bubur Chacha, Read Bean Soup, Gandum, etc. So this is a place more for tea-time treats.
These days, instead of being served from large aluminium pots, it's a bit modern and the desserts are served from slow cookers.
Teck Kee has been around for decades, since 1950; so that old man doing the serving is a Baba who must have been operating this shop for ages.

Having had breakfast earlier, we only tried some of the kueh. The whitish Woon Chai Kow (Small Bowl Kueh) had a light taste, slightly salty with a tinge of sweetness; the deep-fried prawns on top is the ingredient that gives it the flavour.
The yellowish Pumpkin Cake was the sweet one, sweet and full of pumpkiness.

Their Bubur Chacha was not as sweet as I would have expected, perhaps these days people are more careful about their sugar intake. The orangeish sweet potato chunks added some colour to what would otherwise be a plain looking dish, whilst the yam was good, powdery bite-able. Overall the this Bubur Chacha was okay only, but good enough bring out the lilt mood to do a Cha Cha dance.

Wow! Nice Red Agar-agar Jelly with spots of Selasih (Basil) seed - sweet with the Selasih adding some slight sourness to it.

This being the Kow Ong Eah Festival (Nine Emperor Gods) prayer period, the Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun was the vegetarian variety. They tasted quite bland when compared to those from Liew Kee, but I guess that's what vegetarian food during this festival is abut, it's a period of a non-meat diet to cleanse one's soul for the purity of the praying. At other times, the Chee Cheong Fun sold here is from Liew Kee.

The kitchen has see-through glass walls, where a helper can be seen rolling out Nyonya Curry Puffs pastry.

In another corner of the shop, another helper is rolling out pastry for making "Ang Koo" steamed buns.

The shop IS full of antiques, the owners have a reputation of being avid antique collectors and people from around the region bring their old stuff to be sold here.
I will just run through a few that I managed to take photos of.
In between the dining tables, the shops shelves and cupboards are filled with antiques. On the wall to some can be seen hanging in between old photos.

A closer look at the red/black rattan-weave Nyonya Tiffin Carrier, this one is a larger type.

An old antique clock with Roman numerals.

Old Red Glass Oil Lamps, a Victorian Painting of a lady, an old photo of the Teluk Intan Leaning Clock Tower.

Up on high wall shelves are bottles of drinks from different era, all still with their contents.

Old photos and posters dot the walls.

Old black & white wedding photos. Look closely now, perhaps one of your relatives are in these photos.

Sitting on an old electronic organ: old Chinese comics and an old F&N orange crush metal plate advertisement poster.

An old Aji-na-moto advertisement poster.

Old advertisement poster for "Eley-Kynoch" catridges.

An old Rose Wood antique divan put to good use while waiting to be sold.

The carved eagle crest of the Rose Wood antique divan.

Glazed Chinese earthenware pot with bird design.

Bust of Buddha.

A Laughing Buddha statue.

37, Jalan Raja, Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel./Fax.: +605-6218737
GPS: 4.026417,101.017712

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Japan 2014 - Title Page

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