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Art Gallery: Balinese Art 2018 - Sukawati Art Market At Guwang Ubud

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Bali, Indonesia - November 2018
Balinese in colourful traditional costumes attending a religious ceremony.
I love art and Bali is a haven for art lovers. One of the best places to view and buy Balinese artwork is at Ubud's Sukawati Art Market at Guwang. There are many traders and artists here vending art work of different Balinese art styles and on different themes. There are the traditional/classical Kamasan (Wayan)KlungkungBatuan & Ubud styles, and lately a surge of newer modern stylesmore colourful psychedelic ones. Many of the artwork are of the lovely Balinese culture & ceremonies, markets, fishing boats, farm and country scenery; and there are those of Hindu deities, animals and beautiful flowers. And these comes in paintings, carvings, sculptures, handicraft souvenirs, colourful Balinese fabrics, clothing, and fashion accessories etc.
While on a cycling trip in Bali, we had the chance to visit the Sukawati Art Market and appreciate the many artwork on display there. Below are many of the artwork we saw, click on the respective photo for a better enlarged view. Due to photography angle, and for presentation purposes, many of photos have been cropped and edited to compensate for low lighting. It is better to go there and see these artworks and at the same time experience the robust atmosphere of the market. Enjoy!

Let's start off with painting that follow the styles of renown Balinese artists or emulate famous Balinese paintings:
Boy & Girl - this follows the renown paired painting of a rural boy courting a girl. It uses simple brush strokes, the original is in colour but many copies are usually done in sepia tones. I searched the net but could not find who is the artists or where the original is displayed.

Women Carrying Fruits To Market.

Legong Dancer - done in a minimalist colour, vibrant style.

Jembrana Tribe Girl In Traditional Headgear - in monochrome.

These are those along the traditional/classic styles:
A Balinese Religious Ceremony - in Kamasan (Wayan) style with barong and rangda.

A Balinese Religious Ceremony - in black & white Kamasan (Wayan) style with barong and rangda.

Spirits In The Sea - minimalist colour Batuan style.

Many are paintings of Balinese rural market scenes:
Black & white Ubud style.

Market Scene - in colourful Ubud style with spotlighting at the centre.

Seaside Market Scene - in colourful Ubud style.

Traditional Market With Candi Bentar (split gateway) - done in black & white.

Hindu Epic - golden hue painting of temple fresco in Klungkung style.

Moving away form the classics, Balinese dancers favourites:
Two Balinese Legong Dancers - in colourful traditional Ubud style.

Balinese Legong Dancer - in colourful contemporary Ubud style.

Balinese Girl Ribbon Dancer - in vibrant Young Artists style.

Traditional Costumed Balinese Girl Playing A Ektera

A Barong mask.

An owl - this was an imprint onto a dress suit.

Portrait of a white-haired old man.

Meditating Monk - coloured silhouette.

From people, we go on to the countryside:
A rural farmer herding in his ducks.

Forest waterfall scenery.

And the forest slowly make way for bright green Terraced Padi Fields, still a maturing ...

... until they are Golden Brown Paddies Below The Mountains, ready to be harvested.

Harvesting Padi Fields - multi panel artwork.

Harvesting Paddies In The Lowland.

Harvesting Padi At Sunrise.

Padi Fields Below Mount Agung.

Many of the paintings are on Harvesting Padi; it shows how fertile the land in Bali is.

We move away from the padi fields to the rural village markets:
A Morning Balinese Rural Market.

An Evening Balinese Rural Village Market.

Another painting of the same Morning Balinese Rural Market from the perspective of another painter.

A black & white rendering of the Balinese Rural Market; always the big tree is at the centre, it seems to be the unifying factor between the same paintings.

From the inland market we head to the coast for a Coastal Fishing Market.

Early morning view of Balinese Fishing Boats Going Out To Sea.

Blueish rendering of Balinese Fishing Boats.

Another painting of Blueish Balinese Fishing Boats by the same painter. His rendering of the boats is in a stylized style with unique spotted stars.

Another painting of Balinese Fishing Boats done in a realistic style.

And back to the unique spotted style painting of Balinese Fishing Boats.

A composition of a few paintings showing Balinese Rural Scenes.

From rural scenes we go on to paintings of flowers and animals:
Purple flowers & petals painting.
Note the detailing at the edges of the flowers and petals.

Yellow flowers painting done in similar style as above.

Painting of Batik Dragonflies done in batik style.

Black & White Japanese Carps / Koi painting.
Japanese koi are a favourite subject, this one is done in a simplistic yet attractive B&W style.

Black & White composition of Elegant Ballet Couple.

We are still at paintings of animals, the following are done in stylized cartoon style:
Brother Monkey.

Orangutan With a Blue Hat Puffing a Cigarette.

Monkey Eating Watermelon.

This is a cute one: A Green Frog Playing A Guitar.
(apologies if it is a bit blure)

Elephant in composite style painting with beads.

Trumpeting Elephant On Two Legs - composite beads painting.

From beady painting, we slowly go over to paintings with bright psychedelic colours:
A Beady Deer painting in patchwork colours.

Psychedelic Colours Giraffe Head.

Psychedelic Colours Baby Monkey painting.

Butterfly On A Flower - composite wire painting.

Dreamy Flower Girl - Psychedelic colours painting.

Dreamy Sparkling Eyes Flower Girl - Psychedelic colours painting.

Other than paintings; souvenir hunters will have a fine time hunting for bargains at the Ubud's Guwang Art Market:
These round rattan handbags are a favourite with ladies.

Vintage Balinese Mask.

Batik Balinese Mask; in reddish batik motifs.

Colourful Beaded Turtles.

Other than souvenirs, there are also intricate wooden carvings, sculptures and statues:
Elephants With Mount Agung.

Traditional Balinese Dance Couple - timber panel carving.

Balinese Legong Dancer - wooden statue.

Balinese Bridal Couple In Traditional Balinese Wedding Costume - wooden bust.

Balinese Bridal Couple In Traditional Balinese Wedding Costume - wooden bust.

Laughing Buddha - wooden bust.

Lotus Position Meditating Buddha - wooden statue.

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