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Art Gallery : Japanese Art 2014 @ Nara

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Japanese Art 2014 @ Nara
Nara, Japan - October 2014
These are various artwork (paintings, carvings, statues, china-ware, etc) that I saw and appreciated during a 2014 holiday in Japan. These are artwork from Nara within the temples of the Nara Park and at the Nara Museum; I do hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Engraved drawing of Buddha and his disciples on brass sphere.

Close up view of the above showing the detailed engraving.

Tapestry of Japanese traditional festival at the seaside.

Clay busts of Japanese deities.

Brass statue of Buddha sitting on a lotus flower.

Lion temple guard copper statue.

Stylized floral emblem.

Glazed terracota statues - Two Japanese warriors in armour guarding priest.

Japanese deity terracota statue.

Glazed terracotta statue of Japanese deity.

Japanese deity overpowering a devil.

A statue of Kwan Yin with multiple arms.

Close up view of the Kwan Yin statue showing the unrestored damaged head. The statues here are centuries old, coming from the era when Nara was the old capital of Japan.

Standing Japanese temple lantern.

Embossed statue of Kwan Yin in front of a lattice.

Copper tooling Kwan Yin Statue.

Carved timber statues of Japanese lady sitting in repose.

Carved timber statues of Japanese deities.

Buddha's Palm.

Japanese deity large statue.

 Bird's nest at temple roof eaves - painting on timber planks.

Japanese pavilion next to pine tree - painting on wooden planks.

Scenery of Nara of 1,200 years ago- watercolour painting.

Paper cutting art of a ancient Japanese flute player.

The following are animals in the Chinese Zodiac, done in various art style. They have been arranged in the proper astrological order (note: the Ox and Snake are missing):
No. 1 - Rat in Aluminium tooling.

No. 3 - Tiger Chinese style painting.

No. 4 - Rabbits in aluminium tooling.

No. 5 - Dragon watercolour painting.

No. 7 - Horse in aluminium tooling.

No. 8 - Sheep/Goat painting on timber boards.

No. 9 - Monkey in mosaic style painting (the monkey is one of the ornaments hanging from the bunch of flowers).

No. 10 - Rooster painting on wooden boards.

No. 11 - Dog watercolour painting (the dog is a man in a dog's mask dancing in a trance around a bonfire).

No. 12- Boar/Pig in copper tooling.

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Japan 2014 - Art Gallery / Japanese Art 2014 @ Nara
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