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YummY! - Penang Curry Mee Noodle @ Sun Sea Restaurant

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Overseas Union Garden, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - November 2012
Looking for good Penang Curry Mee noodles while you are in Kuala Lumpur? Go no further as there is a stall that sell pretty good Penang-style curry noodles. It's at Sun Sea Restaurant in Overseas Union Garden, just next to the wet market.

The stall is at the front of the shop and displays sign stating it as Kuantan Road Curry Mee. I believe they are referring to Kuantan Road in Penang. The only curry mee I know there is at the corner coffee shop and I found it to be average by Penang standards.
This one though is one of the better ones in the Klang Valley.

Good curry mee starts with the soup, and I have this odd habit of peeping into the pots of curry mee sellers to see how their curry soup looks like - is it too thick or too thin? Many a times this odd habit of mine have saved me the embarrassment of eating bad Curry Mee.
The one from this stall looks okay, with the chilli oil adding colour to it.

In another pot, tau pok (fluffy tofu) is seen boiling in a curry. This is a good idea as the tofu has to be boiled adequately for it to achieve that softness so that it is slurpy bite-able. If boiled to long than it will be a gooey mess and spoil the soup too.

The curry mee is definitely Penang style as it came with cubes of coagualted pig's blood found only of those curry noodles from Penang. Long beans have been added too, this is a slight variation or perhaps a adaptation to suit Klang valley palates.
Fairly large sized prawns have been added too. The above photo is before I added more chilli to spunk things up.

Now this one is with extra chilli, look better doesn't it? And it tastes better too. As can bee seen, the chilli used in Curry Mee is chilli paste fried in oil till it reach a certain darkness and has the oil oozing out a reddishness. Here some cuttlefish can be seen peeping out.
The soup tasted good with the coconut milk thick but not overly creamy. The tau pok was just adequately soft that it absorb some of the curry soup and is yet easy to bite into. But I found the pig's blood a tad too hard, they should have added more water when coagulating it.
Overall, it is one of the closes in taste and flavour to those in Penang; one of two that I have so far found in the Klang Valley.

Jalan Hujan Rhamal 2,
(Corner coffee-shop opposite the OUG wet market)
Taman Overseas Union,
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

GPS: 3.073099, 101.672941

Sun Sea Restaurant Location Map (Google Map Link)

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