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Gallery : Street Art of Ipoh

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Street Art of Ipoh
Perak, Malaysia - May 2014
While up in Ipoh for the Ipoh City Nite Ride 2014, a few friends and me rode round the old town and popped in to see the street art there. My buddy Tailim (of the hApPy HaPpy blogs) and be had seen these expressive artwork when we did an Ipoh Cycling Jaunt a year earlier. But with this re-visit, I noticed that more murals have been added. These street artwork are relatively new, i.e. from 2012; looks like street art is blooming in Ipoh. Shown here are photos of those I have seen to date. Enjoy!

The street art can be found at a couple of alleys between Jalan Sultan Iskandar and Jalan Masjid (see map at bottom). To an extent they depict the past and present culture of Ipoh.

Lion Dance.

Gong, cymbal and drum players for the Lion Dance.

Kuda Kepang (Kuda Luping) Dancer.

Malay Musicians for Kuda Kepang Dance.

Traditional Costumed Indian Dancer.

 Indian Musicians (Sitar & Drum) for the Female Indian Dancer.

Thaipusam Kavadi Carrier.

Wayang Kulit Performance.

Chinese Opera.

Tin Mining.

Rubber Tappers At Dawn.

Pottery Workers.

Children Swimming At A Waterfall Pond.
(This is my favourite as the scene blended in well with the fern-grown mossy wall.)

Fighting Fish.

Gold Fish.

Blowing Soap Bubbles.

Counting Boy Playing Hide n Seek.

Friends hiding from Hide n Seek boy.

More friends hiding from Hide n Seek boy.

The cuteness of these murals encourages visitors to interact and put themselves into the picture. (Updated Sept. 2014)


Friends playing skipping rope.

Updated Sept. 2014 - Friends playing skipping rope, showing the full mural.

Children At The Farm.

Update September 2014, we noticed more new street art murals coming up here during our Parit Buntar Fishing Village Cyclo-adventure. These are included below:
Grandparents cooking Lemang for Hari Raya.

A dedication to Michael Jackson with a message "Stop Wars"
This mural should be viewed together with the following one.

Children Carrying Disarmed Bombs
- I wonder what the artist was trying to imply; is it that weapons should be disarmed so that they are inert and as safe as toys?

A treaditional Malay Wedding, next to eat is a Chinese Wedding.
This one is half complete, the pencilled sketch of unpainted parts can be seen.

A traditional Indian Wedding.
Pencilled sketch yet to be painted. This mural complements the Malay and Chinese ones.

Children drawing the Jalur Gemilang (the Malaysian National Flag).

A tribute to the victims of MAS flight MH17 that crashed.

Another tribute to MAS Flight MH17.

A tribute to Nelson Mandela and his philosophy of peace.

A dedication to martial artiste/actor Bruce Lee.

A dedication to Albert Einstein.

Children selecting durians.

Just to add, just around the corner is the interesting blue-white Panglima Kinta Mosque with its unique minarets.

A dramatic view of the Panglima Kinta Mosque (update Sept. 2014).

And in other parts of Ipoh's old town:
The above map shows some of the location of these other street art murals.

Update August 2014: Drinking Ipoh White Coffee, located the side wall of the Ipoh White Coffee Outlet at Jalan Tun Sambanthan facing the Ipoh Padang.

Boys On A Giant Paper Plane
- a mural by Ernest Zacharevic located at Jalan Tun Sambanthan facing the Ipoh Padang, next to the Cendol shop.

Closer view of Boys On A Giant Paper Plane.

Scrap Collector On A Tricycle
- a mural by Ernest Zacharevic

Kampung Boy Chasing After Marylin Monroe
- located at alley between Thean Chun & Kong Heng Coffee-shops at Jalan Bandar Timah.

Colourful Hummingbird.

Little on stools & books reaching out for bird cage.

Ipoh Tin Mining History
- rendered by Ernest Zacharevic in style of Chinese scroll paintings. Located at the side wall building at junction of Jalan Bijeh Timah & Jalan Panglima.

A closer up look at the large tin mining mural showing the finer details.

Three men chilling-off, drinking beer.

View Street Art Of Ipoh Location Map in a larger map

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