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Art Gallery - Taiwan Aborigine Art @ Taroko (太魯閣)

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Taiwan Aborigine Art @ Taroko (太魯閣)
Taroko National Park, Taiwan  - October 2017
Adorned Face & Eyes of a Taiwanese Aborigine Woman - stylized painting at Hung Ying Hotel Tarako.
On a cycling tour of Taiwan, we were cycling around Taroko and saw some nice artwork there. Below are photos of some of the artwork that we saw (see map for the locations of these artwork). These photos here gives a representation of what I saw; nothing beats going there to see them for yourselves.

A large fabric sculpture made from patchwork cloth in Taiwanese aborigine design style - at Xincheng Taroko Railway Station, a fabric sculpture created by artist Lin Gieh-wen (林介文). It uses fabric woven by over 30 indigenous women.

The following sculptures were seen at the Taroko National Park Visitor Center (太魯閣遊客中心):
"Warrior" - stone sculpture of a Truku aborigine warrior.

Close up view of the head of the "Warrior" - stone sculpture of a Truku aborigine warrior.
This close up of the head shows a detailed tribal head gear, the chin of the warrior is tattooed.

Truku aborigine old woman dressed in cloth robe with tattooed face - large sculpted stone bust..

Close up of the Truku aborigine old woman, showing the detailing of her tattooed face.

"The Guradian" - stone sculpture of a Truku aborigine warrior.

Close up view of "The Guradian".

"Atayal Breeze" - contemporary marble sculpture by Dan Kan (2000AD).

"Atayal Breeze" viewed from a different angle.

"Snails" - granite sculpture.

The following were 300x300mm pavement tiles we saw on the walkway somewhere between Hung Ying Hotel Tarako (太魯閣紅瑛民宿) and the Arch of Taroko (太魯閣牌樓):
An old Taiwanese aborigine man smoking a pipe, note the tattoo on his chin.

A young Taiwanese aborigine girl carrying a rattan woven harvest basket.

Taiwanese aborigine warrior with a spear and sheathed sword, note the tattoo on his chin.

Taiwanese aborigine woman weaving cloth, possibly banana cloth. Note the facial tattoo across her mouth and cheeks.

A T-shirt showing Taiwan's indigenous people - from a souvenir stall near the Arch of Taroko (太魯閣牌樓).

The following are cute cartoon representations of the some of the Taiwanese Aboriginal Tribes - seen at the Hung Ying Hotel Tarako (太魯閣紅瑛民宿):
A young welcoming Taiwanese aborigine couple.

An Amis (阿美族) couple.

An Atayal (泰雅) couple.

Bunun / Vonum (布農couple.

Kavalan / Kuvalan (噶瑪蘭族couple.

Paiwan (排灣couple.

Puyuma (卑南族couple; also known as the Pinuyumayan, Peinan or Beinan.

Rukai (魯凱族couple.

Sasiyat / Saisiat (賽夏couple.

Sakizaya (撒奇萊雅族couplealso known as the Sakuzaya, Sakiraya or Sakidaya.

Sdeiq (賽德克族couplealso known as the Seediq, Sediq, or Seejiq.

Tau couplealso known as the Tao or Yami, the are related to the Ivatan people of the Batanes Islands in the Philippines.

Thao (邵族couplealso known as the Thau or Ngan.

Truku / Taroko (太魯閣族couple.

Tsou (couple.

A coloured map of Taiwan showing the areas where the different Taiwanese aborigine tribes reside.

Glass wall mural recreation painter Ma Pai-shui's (馬白水, 1909-2003) painting scenery of the Taroko Gorgeat Xincheng Taroko Railway Station.

The following map shows the location of the Taiwanes aboriginal artwork seen above:

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