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Photo Gallery : Manly Art Gallery, Sydney

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Manly Art Gallery, Sydney
 September 2013
The Manly Art Gallery & Museum displays art by local artists; and is also a small museum that archives the history of contact between the aborigines and the settlers.

Manly Art Gallery & Museum is housed in a single-storey building that faces the sea. It is at the far end of the West Esplanade road, and is accessible by both road or beach walk paths. Below are some of the displays for you to enjoy but as I have always mentioned it is always better to see these in person, so go there when you have the chance.

First Interview With Native Women At Port Jackson 1788, New South Wales
- by William Bradley (c1802)

The Taking Of Colbee & Benalon, 25th November 1879
- by William Bradley 1802

Abbarroo a moobee af (Principal mourner at Balloderees funeral)
- 165x141 ink and watercolour by Port Jackson painter (1791)

- 211x166 pencil sketch by Thomas Watling

Ornamented Native Of New South Wales
- 165x141 ink & watercolour by Port Jackson painter (c1790-1792)

Aborigine man with hair bound in bark strips
- hand coloured engraving

Cameragal tribe aborigine girl
- hand-coloured engraving

Old Queen Goosebeery, Widow of Bungaree
- watercolour by George French Angas (1845)

Bora Rock - Aboriginal markings near Manly Waterworks gully
- pencil & watercolour by James Samuel Bray (1891)

Gagolbi (Aboriginal Family)
- pencil & sanguine by Pavel Nikolaevich Mikhailov (1820)

Landscape (Porphyry Point) No.2
- 1370x1370 oil on linen (2010)

Headland (Bangalley Head) No.1
- 1220x2290 oil on linen (2008)

Ocean (Newport) No.1
-1220x2130 oil on linen (2011)

Landscape (Narrabeen) No.2
- 1370x1370 oil on linen (2009)

Sunset No.1
- 1530x1530 oil on linen (2006)

Landscape (Middlecreek) No.5

Darkwood No.21
- 1530x1530 oil on linen (2011)

Stoneware Platter
- 580 diam. by Milton Moon

Large Stoneware Bowl
- 230x400 stoneware by Elizabeth Cummings (2008)

- 40x260x260 porcelain with inlaid decoration by Sonny Manning (1987)

- 50x400 stoneware with iron glaze, brush and wax-resistant decoration by Andrew Halford (c1981)

- 180x300x300 slip inlay saga-fired with thin lustre glaze by Andrew Halford (1987)

- 90x480 stoneware with wax-resistant decoration by Les Blakebrough (1968)

- 220x240x140 stoneware with applied decoration - black boatshaped form by Hiroe Swan

Large vessel
- 450x500x500 stoneware with glazes by John Roberts (c1993)

Night Owl
- 400 diam. hand-built terracotta with painted underglazes with sculpted lid (2010)

Teapotn With Cockatoo Painting
- 200x150 underglazed colours burnished on glaze gold lustre by Stephen Bowers (2008)

Ngayuku Walka #2
- terracotta form with terra sigillotto, slips and soroffito by Allison (Milyika) Caroll- Ernabella (2011)

"Effigy IV" Russian Series Low Profile Plate
- 80x570x570 glazed matt with 24 carat gold leaf by Pippin Drysdale (1992)

A Family Of New South Wales
- engraving by W.S. Blake (1793)

Ga-Ouen-Ren (Diana Bungaree, Light-skinned Young Aborigine Girl)
- pencil & sanguine by Pavel Nikolaievich Mikhailov (1820)

 Toubi (Bowen Dungaree, aborigine male)
pencil & sanguine by Pavel Nikolaievich Mikhailov (1820)

Boin (Bowen Dungaree)
pencil & sanguine by Pavel Nikolaievich Mikhailov (1820)

Bungalor, painting of abrogined man
pencil & sanguine by Pavel Nikolaievich Mikhailov (1820)

Madora & Gouroungan, female Australian aborigine women
pencil & sanguine by Pavel Nikolaievich Mikhailov (1820)

Nawi, Australian aborigine bark canoe
- stringy bark, replica made by David Payne

View In Port Jackson
- engraving by T. Prattent (1789)

Australian Aborigine Axe, Basket & Sword
- engraving by unknown artist (1700s)

Hafted Stone Axe From Manly Area (c1830s)

Colebee When A Mobee After Ballooderrees Burial
- ink & water colour by Port Jackson painter (1791)

Native Named Ben-Nel-Long
- watercolour by Port Jackson painter (1780)

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