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YummY! - Doi Chaang Coffee @ Ministry Of Coffee

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Solaris Soho, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - November 2013
I love coffee!
In fact, every morning a big cup of iced coffee will be the thing that gets my engine going. But I am more of the corner coffee-shop type of person, one of those who love Hailam coffee. Although I do go to coffee cafes, it's mostly when friends invite me over.
This place called the Ministry Of Coffee may yet change my mind and redirect my focus. There is a whole culture based on these parlors, a culture of the good coffee and the lifestyle affiliated with it.

I was one of the few fortunate people invited over for the soft opening of the Ministry Of Coffee, located in the upmarket residential area of Mont Kiara. I learnt that, drinking coffee is a culture, and it starts right with the ambiance even before the first sip of coffee!

Lighting should be just medium bright and the place should have good acoustics so that even though when crowded it won't end up noisy like the corner Hailam coffee-shops.

Cute lighting using inverted colourful coffee cups.
I often ask why not bright lighting? It's probably to tone down the sight sense and allow the smell and taste senses to become more acute so as to enjoy the coffee more.

Coffee making equipment & paraphernalia are placed here and there to subtly let patrons feel that there are in a coffee place. 

And of course a good barista supported by good coffee making equipment is important.

So we have the ambiance, we have the equipment; how is the coffee? Here they use Doi Chaang coffee beans. These are organically grown in Doi Chang, in north-west Thailand near Chiang Mai. It's an area with lush forests and narrow valleys which is suitable for coffee growing.

The coffee latte served looked good with a flowery emblem on top formed by the milk.
As mentioned, I am more of a corner coffee-shop kaki, my description of coffee would be a shout to the vendor "Kopi Or Ais Kaw!" (That's market language for Thick Ice Black Coffee). So bear with me while I try to express how the coffee is like.
It was strong giving a good kick, thick with a earthy aroma. I like it as it has that zing that will sharpen ones mind.

The cappuccino came with a smiling face. Is that an apple or a pumpkin. I would like to think it as a pumpkin as it's Halloween time. Taste wise it was good with the foamy milk swirling well in the palate.

As this was a soft opening, complimentary food were served. These looked good and tasted good too. But they were not overly tasty, i.e. something light so as to reserve the palate for the coffee. Afterall this is a coffee tasting affair.

The Ministry Of Coffee's menu (at time of this blog):

There's even a section on organic greens.

J-G-09, Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara,
Jalan Solaris, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GPS : 3.175495, 101.660340

Hours : 9:00 am to 11:00 pm weekdays
9:00 am to midnight weekends

Ministry Of Coffee Location Map (Google Map Link)

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