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YummY! - Indian Curries @ Market City, Sydney

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Sydney, Australia - October 2013
During the last two days of our holidays in Sydney (... see Sydney 2013 blogs), we were craving for Oriental food. The previous evening we have had very good barbecued duck Wantan Noodles at Market City (... see Sydney Wantan Noodles blog).
Today we are back at the Market City food court, and this time we had very good curries from the stall aptly called R&S Flavours of North India.

On offer is a wide range of curries - Beef Korma, Beef Vindaloo, Lamb Curry, Vegetable Korma, etc. Each of the food label also indicates how spicy hot the food is, from "Mild" to "Very Hot".

The range of authentic curries continues onto another servery - Chicken Curry (with the warning Very Hot), Chicken Tikka Masala, Mango Chicken, etc. And vegetable dishes - Dhal, White Cholay & Mixed Vegetables.

To go with the curries, there is white Basmati rice, Chapatis, Naans, etc. They also serve a good range cakes and side orders like papadams, chutneys, etc.

We went for the Special Set - one that came with rice, a bread (we went for Naan) and three curries. It was a bargain at AUD12-50...

... as it came with large helping of curries that almost over-flowed the platter, the generous amount fed us both nicely. The curries we had were Beef Curry, Lamb Korma, Mixed Vegetables Curry and a dash of the Very Hot Chicken Curry gravy thrown in.
They were very good, spicy and tasty; the meat like any meat in Australia were freshly flavourful. The vegetables balance off the whole meal.

In fact the curries were so good that I went for another helping of Basmati Rice. Basmati rice is less starchy, when cooked the grains do not stick to each other.

The Cheese Naan (looking extra yellow because of the cheese), was crispy on the outside and multi-layered on the inside.

To go with the food we had Mango Lassi; this is the BEST LASSI that I have ever tasted. Thick, creamy and smooth, it was just adequately sweet with the mango flavor just right without being over-bearing strong or sour. YummY!

The menu & price list of R&S Flavours Of North India (click on photo to enlarge for better view).

Food Court, Level 3, Market City
9-13, Hay Street, Sydney, Australia

GPS : -33.879702, 151.204238

R&S Flavour Of North India Curry House @ Market City, Sydney Location Map (Google Map Link)

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