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Art Gallery - Australian Art: Perth & Fremantle Art

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Australian Art: Perth & Fremantle Art
 The Perth Cactus at Forrest Place in Perth.
Perth & Fremantle in Western Australia - August 2019
During a 2019 multi-mode cycling tour of Perth and it's vicinity (meaning we drove, cycled and took trains) we had the chance to do a bit of cycling in Perth, and Fremantle. Along the way we saw some nice artwork at various place in both cities.
Below are the artwork we saw, click on the respective photo for a better enlarged view. Due to photography angle, and for presentation purposes, many of photos have been cropped and edited to compensate for low lighting. It is better to go there and see these artworks for yourself. Enjoy!

The following artwork were seen in Perth city.
"First Contact" nicknamed "Bird In a Boat"
5m tall polished aluminum sculpture by Laurel Nannup at Elizabeth Quay.

2.2m tall bronze statue by local artist, Tony Jones. Located in the sea off Mounts Bay Road.

A stylized shark or perhaps a submarine.
At Elizabeth Quay.

B&W mural of Black Swans.
At Elizabeth Quay.
The Black Swan is featured on the flag, and is both the state bird and state emblem of Western Australia; it also appears in the Coat of Arms and other iconography of the state's institutions. Can be found in numerous numbers at the nearby Lake Monger.
At Hay Street-William Street junction, opposite the Wesley Uniting Church.

Colorful Perth Children's Hospital Logo.

The following artwork were seen at Subiaco:
A hydra composed of names of friends.
At the Subi Farmers Market.

"Age Shall Not Weary Themby Greg James.
At the Fallen Soldier Memorial in Rankin Gardens.
This sculpture reflects the life, thoughts and deep contemplation of many young men during World War One. The starting point of many stories, it aims to provoke thought and highlight the impact of war on the Subiaco community.

Gorrila "Sun Bum" sun screen dispenser.
At at Yelo Cafe.

The following seen near the Jusburger outlet in Leederville:
Angry Bull.

Lady in the wave by Artbyrow.

Seen at Lake Monger:
Black swan, emu & tortoise poster painting done in Australian aborigine art style.

The following were seen at Fremantle:
Sculpture of migrant children.
A couple of plaques nearby inscribed, "Dedicated to the British/Maltese boys and girls who left their homeland ..... Australia is better for their coming".

A man & his dog OR A dog and an intruder?

Statue of Pietro Giacomo Porcelli by Greg James.
At Kings Square.
Pietro Porcelli was was an Italian-born sculptor responsible for many statues in Western Australia, including the Explorers' Monument, and those of C. Y. O'Connor and Alexander Forrest.

Australian version of a Chimera?
At the lawn fronting the Fremantle Post Office.
Basket weave surface sculpture of a dingo dog with a horn, lion's front paws, goat rear paws and a snake tail.

The following paintings were seen at the Lawley's Bakery Cafe in Fremantle:
Floral still art.

Flower Children of the 60's-70's Hippie era.

"Over The Garden Wall"

Flowers in a vase, apples on a plate, still art.

Little Miss Muffet wearing a bonnet?

Rowboat at the lake during dawn.

Fishing from a boat at the pond.

A rainbow of hope in a thunderstorm.

Eucalyptus trees in autumn.

A mare and it's foal in the corral.

Eucalyptus trees in the dawn mist.

Eucalyptus trees at the riverside.

Seen near the Cottesloe train station:
"Sculpture by the Sea" by Norton Flavel.

The following seen at the Caversham Wildlife Park:
Men's toilet signage indicated with a male quokka.
The quokka is synomymous to Rottnest Island and taking selfies with quokka seems to be the thing.

Men's toilet signage indicated with a female quokka.

A baby quokka and a wheel chair indicates the diaper room and disabled toilet.

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