Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Art Gallery - Spanish Art

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Painting by David Noalia (Contact: davidnoalia@gmail,com)
Our 2019 cycling tour of the Iberian Peninsular included riding in several towns in Spain such as SevilleCórdobaZuherosAlcalá la RealGranada & Barcelona. We did not visit any art gallery but along the way managed to see some artwork. Due to photography angle, and for presentation purposes, many of photos have been cropped, so it is better to go there and see these artworks for yourselves when you have the opportunity.
Below are the albums from different town or places, click on the photo to view. Enjoy!

Street Art @ Granada
Lively street art mural seen at the Realejo & Campo de Principe localities of Granada - November 2019


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YYou are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps /  Art Gallery / Spanish Art
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