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Art Gallery - Australian Art: Fremantle Street Art

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Australian Art: Fremantle Street Art
Numbat wall mural (2012) at the car-park leading to the True Blue Market & Old Shanghai Market.
Fremantle in Western Australia - August 2019
On a multi-mode cycling tour of Perth and it's vincity (meaning we drove, cycled and took trains) we had the chance to do a bit of cycling in Fremantle. We had heard that the city does have a fair bit of attractive street art and dropped by the Fremantle Visitors Centre to see whether they have a map showing locations of these artwork. Unfortunately they don't, but the counter lady this circle some spots for us to go see. So off we went, and on our bicycles it was a task made easier, faster than walking but still slow enough not to miss things. We followed the map, but found most of the artwork through our own exploration and interaction with the locals. At the bottom of this blog is a Freemantle Street Art Google Map showing the locations of the street art, and I do hope it will be helpful for those seeking these street art. Fremantle also hold the annual Fremantle Street Arts FestivalBelow are many of the paintings we saw, click on the respective photo for a better enlarged view. Due to photography angle, and for presentation purposes, many of photos have been cropped and edited to compensate for low lighting. It is better to go there and see these artworks for yourself. Enjoy!

"Giraffes In A Crate" by Anya Brock J Shed Freo.

"Love Owl" J Shed Freo.

Crated Figurines  J Shed Ceramic Art.

Fremantle Harobur Ceramic Tiles by Jenny Dawson J Shed Ceramic Art.

Floor Mural High Street Mall.

Floor Mural High Street Mall.

King & A Pile Of Shit bench uutside Saint John's Anglican Church.

 Cycling Fish Mural the Metropolis.
"I Miss Felix" Cycling Fish Mural @ Metropolis - Google Street View

Dragons Murals  Old Shanghai Markets.

Dragons Murals Old Shanghai Markets.

Fremantle Coats Of Arms Fremantle Markets.

Angel Icon from Pizza Gelato Shop.

Seagulls Mural @ Optus High Street Mall.
Seagulls Mural @ Optus - Google Street View

Australian Bushman Mural @ the Beers Building (now the Fremantle Synagogue building opposite Scots Presbyterian Church).

Australian Bushman Mural @ the Beers Building (now the Fremantle Synagogue building opposite Scots Presbyterian Church).

Eerie Mural @ South Tce Fremantle Hospital Bus Stop.
Eerie Mural @ South Tce Fremantle Hospital Bus Stop - Google Street View

Floral Chicken Mural @ The Corner Store.

Floral Chicken Mural @ The Corner Store.

Floral Chicken Mural @ The Corner Store.
Floral Chicken Mural @ The Corner Store - Google Street View

Ship & Lighthouse Mural @ Fremantle Glass.
Ship & Lighthouse Mural @ Fremantle Glass - Google Street View

Cherry Tree Mural @ Cherry Tree Financkial Planning.

Rainbow Zebras mural by Anya Brock @ Ootong and Lincoln.
Zebra Mural @ Ootong & Lincoln - Google Street View

Stylized emu mural.

Perspective View Colourful Shops Mural @ East West Design.

Alfresco Design Shopfront Mural @ East West Design.

African Wares Shopfront Mural @ East West Design.

Traditional Chinese Shopfront Mural East West Design.

Colourful Shopfront Mural East West Design.

Blue French Shopfront Mural @ East West Design.

Oriental Shopfront Mural East West Design.
Wall Murals @ East-West Design South Terrace Side - Google Street View
East West Design occupies double-frontage shoplot; the are shopfront murals at the other Marine Street frontage:Wall Murals a@ East-West Design Marine Street Side - Google Street View

Octopus Mural @ South Beach Fish & Chips.

Octopus & Manta Ray Fish Mural @ South Beach Fish & Chips (seen from rear view).
Octopus Mural @ South Beach Fish n Chips Fremantle - Google Street View

Blue surf wit seashells mural.

Prisoner Mural at bus stop near the Fremantle Prison.
There's another mural at the: Prisoner Hammock Mural Near Fremantle Prison @ Hampton Rd Before Knutsford St Bus Stop - Google Street View

Caples Car Car Stereo Wall Mural. (Caples is now known as Free DB Car Stereo)

Iconic Red Dingo Flour Sign @ Allied Flour Mills, located off the Stirling Highway in North Fremantle;designed by renown Australian businessman Alan Bond during his younger signwriter days.
YouTube Restoration Video of the Great Southern Roller Flour Mill Heritage Building.
Read article on how the flour bags were used by aborigines "Dingo Flour logo reclaimed as Aboriginal artists remember past struggle".
Red Dingo Mural @ Allied Flour Mills, North Fremantle - Google Street View

Cottesloe Vet mural seen beside the Cottesloe-Fremantle railway line.
Sick Animals Mural @ Cottesloe Vet - Google Street View

Cute Quokka with sunglasses and advertisement for Sealink promoting selfies with quokkas at Rottnest Island. This poster was seen at the Seaview Golf Club in Cottesloe.

Fremantle Street Art Map (Zoom out to see locations in Cottesloe)

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