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Art Gallery - Australian Art: Perth Street Art @ Grand Lane

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Australian Art: Perth Street Art @ Grand Lane
Perth in Western Australia - August 2019
On a multi-mode cycling tour of Perth and it's vicinity (meaning we drove, cycled and took trains) we had the chance to do a bit of cycling in Perth. While cycling around we did "discover" some lovely and unique street art murals. Below are the ones we saw at Grand Lane. We did see some other street art at Wolf Lane & McLean Lane, but that's posted under another blog.
Below are many of the murals we saw, click on the respective photo for a better enlarged view. Due to photography angle, and for presentation purposes, many of photos have been cropped and edited to compensate for low lighting. It is better to go there and see these artworks for yourself. Enjoy!
(Click here for a Google street view of Grand Lane)

Entering Grand Lane from Wellington Street will be seen these murals with green looking aliens, starting with this one stating "Gramercy"!

An eagle over a melting alien head (unfortunately, often paper posters are stuck on to the walls and block a proper view of the murals).

Perhaps they are not aliens but horror movie characters... skull.... yucks!

A halo-ed holy ghost?

This one is probably at the wall of the Toastface Grillah shop.

Owl faces!

Above the owl faces were these interesting throw-back to day of paper cut-out dolls and dresses.
A close up look at the paper cut-out dolls, advertising Hurly-Burly fashion shop!

Cut-out dresses for the paper doll with accompanying shoes. Wow! She even has a Wonder Woman costume!

More cut-out dresses for the lady, including a sexy witch costume.

Along the walls of the lane were several photos of birds; they have been put in a series here for easier viewing, starting with this hummingbird.

Not sure what bird this is, perhaps a ready can help?

This one looks like a ground bird.

Some of the birds murals are stylized .....

..;... stylized in a style approaching .....

..... an Aztec painting style.

And more owls.....

A techno owl, one with eyew that looks like one of those boom-boxes.

Owl face.

A pioneer of living green?

Simple but nice mural on skyscrapers with a swath of sunlight shining through.

Then things turned chaotic .....

.... and even more chaotic a city?

Looking up, some murals on the walls high above.

Towards the Murray Street Mall end, things turned calmer, commuters patiently waiting and strolling around .....

While a family went for a stroll to have fun with the birds.

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