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Art Gallery - Amy Hashim: The Soul II

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Amy Hashim: The Soul II
Malaysia Tourism Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - October 2019
Many for us have got to know Amy Hashim's artwork through our our camaraderie of cycling in Putrajaya. Then we have seen her posting her creations and while on a cycling tour guide assignment at MATIC (the Malaysian Tourism Information Centre) I saw her artwork on display at an exhibition called "The Soul II) held at the Creative Space of MATIC. I admired her work with awe, seeing how well they have excitingly matured, displaying her exuberance and liveliness through her artwork.
Due to photography angle, and for presentation purposes, many of photos have been cropped, so it is better to go there and see these artworks for yourselves but do bear in mind that the exhibition ends on 25th November 2019.
Below are her artwork (which are categorized in different series) that are on display, enjoy:

"Rainbow in a Cloudy Day" - 30" x 40" oil on canvas (2018) from the "Cloud Series".

"The Sunflowers Spirit" - 36" x 36" acrylic/mixed-media (2016)

"Wild Flowers" - 14" x 18" oil on canvas (2014)

"Dancing Blue Ceramic Orchids" - 30" x 30" mixed-media (2016)

Untitled - 18" x 23" oil on canvas (2015/16)

Untitled - 23" x 23" oil on canvas (2015/16)

"Vortex of Life"- 16" diameter oil on canvas (2019)

"Bait with a Heart II: A Butterfly Koi & A Butterfly" - 60"x42" oil on canvas (2019)

"Scarlet Tale" - 36"x36" oil on canvas (2017)

"Rise & Shine" - 36"x36" oil on canvas (2017/18)

"Sapphire" - 30"x30" oil on canvas (2018)

Vemillion- 30"x30" oil on canvas (2018)

"The Ripples" - 60"x48" thick oil on canvas (2016)

"Sea in Spring" - 36"x36" oil on canvas (2017-2018)

"Fuschia Flow" - 36"x36" oil on canvas (2019)

"Blue Wisdom" - 36"x36" oil on canvas (2017)

"Goddess of Night" / "Seri Dewi Malam" - 24"x48" oil on canvas (2016/17) from the Lake Flip Flop series.

"A Second Spring" - 24"x48" oil on canvas (2016/17) from the Lake Flip Flop series.

"Lake on Horizon" - 12"x48" oil on canvas (2019) from the Vertical Lake series.

Untitled - 4x30"x20" oil on canvascomplete set from the Paddy Field series (2019).

"Dancing Orchids" - 2x14"x10" oil on canvas (2018)

"Dreamy Lake" - 2x14"x10" oil on canvas (2018)

"Vermilion" - 2x14"x10" oil on canvas (2018)

"Dancing Orchids" - 14"x10" oil on canvas (2018)

"Peace of Rhus" - 60"x48" oil on canvas (2019)
Note: Rhus are Casuarina trees often found along sandy shore beaches.

"Sea blew in Batu Ferringhi" - 30"x40" oil on canvas (2019)

"Moonsoon" - 36"x36" oil on canvas (2019)
"Wonder of Sunset" - 48"x48" oil on canvas (2018)
Note: this piece won an entry for a show at Agora Gallery, New York.

"Wonder of Sunset" - 36"x36" oil on canvas (2018)

"By the Morning Light" - 20"x20" oil on canvas (2018)

"Golden Hour" - 30"x40" thick oil on canvas (2017)

"Love Falls" - 36"x36" oil on canvas (2018)

"Odyssey" - 30"x40" oil on canvas (2017)

"Euphoria" - 60"x36" oil on canvas (2019)

"Golden Hour" - 30"x40" thick oil on canvas (2017)

"Shore Story (Al Hujurat)" - 30"x40" thick oil on canvas (2017)

"Star Fence / Malam Bulan di Pagar Bintang" - 20"x20" thick oil on canvas (2017/18)

Amy's creation are also available on shawls and head scarves.

The AhPek Biker with Amy.

MATIC (Malaysian Tourist Information Centre)
109, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-92354800
GPS & Directional Map: 3.15728, 101.70681
(Click here for Google Street View)

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