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YummY! - Best Ipoh Egg Tarts @ Choy Kee Bakery

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Best Ipoh Egg Tarts @ Choy Kee Bakery
Simee, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - March 2016
Ipoh is famous for its egg tarts, those delectable confectionery of pastry filled with egg custard. Two brands stands out above there rest, Choy Kee and Hong Kee. Many visitors to this tin-mining capital of the world will go for Hong Kee which is easily found in town. But the locals will swear by those from Choy Kee which comes from Simee, a suburbs of which many tourists have not even heard of (yours truly included).
We were fortunate that during a cycling event in Ipoh, our local friend Jason took us there. We not only got to try them, we got it piping hot from the oven. See, many will get it from Simee Market but we went straight to the source, we went to their bakery.

Business has been good, starting from a small stall at the market the business has expanded and they now have a bakery-shop in Simee that sells their wares. The tarts are prepared in a bright and clean bakery at the rear section of the shop. The above photo shows the preparation area of the bakery.

Empty pastry cups, ready to receive the egg custard before being baked. They are a pale yellowish-brown now.

And Walah! Out from the oven, a golden look of rows of the egg tarts; mouth-watering and ready to be sold.

We queued up and got boxes each to share with our friends, each box comes with four or eight tarts. The tarts cost RM1-50 each.

We sunk our teeth in... a mistake... it was still piping-hot! Best to wait a while first.
Here's a close-up look, the pastry had good shortening, flaky but did not crumble easily. With thicker side walls it was good to bite into. The yellowish custard was firm yet not hard, it was not overly sweet and went well with the slightly salty crust.

218 Lebuh 3, Simee, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia (next to 7-11 Simee).
Tel.: +604-5454351     |     Mobile: +6012-5322761 / +6017-5111596 (Lau Kim Wai)
Facebook: Bakeri Choy Kee
Shop Hours: 11:00am to 7:00pm     |     Market Stall Hours: 7:00am to 11:30am

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