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YummY! - Hungarian Traditional Food @ Marvelosa Budapest (Marvelosa Kávézó)

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Hungarian Traditional Food @ Marvelosa Budapest  (Marvelosa Kávézó)
Budapest, Hungary - October 2015
I had pondered on whether to write this blog or not. No, it's not because the food is not good or the place is a dump. On the contrary, the food was very good and the place so cosy that one would want to linger on even after finishing the food. Marvelosa, has such an affect on it's patrons, they can just sip their coffee and look at the Danube flowing by slowly just across the road.

I hesitate to write because most of the photos I took came out blurry; we had just visited Buda Castle and unbeknownst to me, my sweat had tainted my camera lens. But then Marvelosa is just too nice a place not too share, blurry photos or not.
So, here goes!
Marvelosa is a small place, occupying one narrow side of a larger building and has been operating since 1900, a year after the building was completed. It was refurbished in 2005 and as the operators put it ".. to create a place where everybody can have a good time and enjoy themselves. Where they can realize how important it is to stop for a while in our rushed present days and hectic world..... where everybody can feel like arriving home". How true that is, even though we were not from Hungary we did feel at home and we did pause for more than a while.
One can either sit inside or dine al-fresco at tables on a blocked out section of the road. Al-fresco seems to be a favourite among patrons...

... so were the indoor ground floor front table or the one at the first floor balcony. It's here that one can slowly while away the time sipping coffee, tea or wine while watching the world pass by.

The interior had been tastefully done with furniture of different designs, style and colours laid out spaciously. At corners, cabinets and shelves, were put up to create that homely touch. Paintings hung from the lightly coloured walls. It's an odd blend of colours and styles and yet it had that "you have arrived home" feel about it.

A cosy corner at the first floor.

The paintings on the wall were not classics but more of portraits done neo-modern style...

... which were bright and colourful with a personal style.

One of the many pieces of furniture.
(to see how cosy the place is click here to go to their gallery , the gallery also shows how nicely their food are presented)

Okay then, let's have a look at the food...
We kicked off with their goulash and glasses of Hungarian Dreher beer

The goulash was moderately thick, full of chunks of beef and vegetables, and well spiced. Although not as good as the one I had at Durnsteinerhof Restaurant while cycling at the Wachau valley in Austria, it was very tasty and a good representation of Hungarian cuisine.

 See how generous they were with the ingredients. By itself it can be quite filling.

Mikszath Hungarian Chicken Paprika (Paprikás Csirke) with home-made pasta. A very good dish with savoury sauce topped with a whisk of cream.

Look at that pasta! .... don't look like the usual one.... it's because it's home-made in small nuggets which made them softly chewy. These are Tarhonya (Rivilchas): Grated Fresh Egg Pasta.

"Lautrec" Chicken Thigh Fillet served with grilled vegetables and honey-chilli sauce. With horizontal slits the meat was nicely done yet still juicy. The sauce was unique, sweet and spice going well with the chicken.
We did have other dishes like salads and other mains but the photos did not turn out well; so to do justice to the place I won't put them here.

After finishing with the food, we lingered on, slowly sipping our beer enjoying the slow pace while watching the world pass by on the road and slightly further away boats on the Danube.

Marvelosa was aptly named, we did indeed have a marvellous time of good traditional Hungarian food in a very cosy homely place!

Here are Marvelosa's menus:
Marvelosa's soup & starter menu.

Marvelosa's salads & mains menu.

And lots of drinks to choose from to while away the time:
Marvelosa's coffee & soft drinks menu.

Marvelosa's tea menu, a good range here!

Marvelosa's liquors, liqueurs and cocktails menu.

13 Lánchíd Street, Budapest, Hungary.
Tel: +36-12019221
Webpage: http://www.marvelosa.eu/?lang=en
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MARVELOSA-87848919169/
Hours: 10:00-22:00 (Tuesdays to Saturdays) / 10:00-18:00 (Sundays) / Closed on Mondays.
(click here for Marvelosa's menu and the times that they are served)

GPS: 47.496800, 19.041315

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