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YummY! - Wantan Noodles @ Ho Kee Puchong

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Puchong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - March 2014
This blog is special to me. I will be meeting up with En Chee the head of our FaceBook group called The Makan Club. There, we can chat at lengths on just food. Crazy? No, just being passionate. So if I detract from writing on these noodles, do forgive me, as it was a pleasure meeting up with him and another member of the group, Simon Lim.

Ho Kee, although located in the hinterlands of the Puchong area, is not difficult to find. Along the Kesas Highway (also known as the Shah Alam Highway) heading towards the North-South Highway head up the exit ramp that says "Puchong". Make a right here and further along one will reach Jalan Puchong at a T-juntion. Take another right here and turn into the first road on the right, that's Jalan 3 already. Three rights to Jalan 3, right? The place should be alright!

Kedai Makan Ho Hee is located in a partly-roofed open shed. No worries about being hot, there are ceiling fans. Other than the wantan mee, there are other stalls selling food like Char Keow Teow, Pork Noodles, etc.; but these were not noteworthy. In the evening, a Tai Chow stall operates here.

Inside it's spacious and surprisingly quite cooling as it's only partly roofed.
That's En Chee sitting there with Simon. You should get to know him, he has a wide knowledge of good food and where to find them. With keen taste buds, he has unearthed several hidden foodie gems like this one.
Okay, enough detractions on the place and my friends. Time to taste the food!

We all had the dry "kon-loh" noodles. The one serve here came with reasonably good char-siew that had a good balance of fat, just like it should be. Do not get me wrong, I don't usually go for fat. But with char-siew, I like it with some fat, it brings out the flavour of the dish.
Unlike many other stalls, the thick soy sauce gravy that goes with the noodles wasn't that thick having been thinned down with some soup.

In terms of taste, I would rate Ho Kee's dry kon-loh noodles as average only.
But taste was not the reason En. Chee got us to come all the way to Puchong to try this. It was the noodles themselves that he was interested to show us. Being an aficionado of good food, he believe in testing the whole range of eating - taste, smell, texture; and in this, the biteyness.

Yes, the noodles were good to bite into, having a unique springiness that certainly made them a delight to nip into. Ho Kee is for the die-hard traditionalist fans of old style wantan noodles, like those from Koon Kee, with keen teeth to experience the joy of the bite!

Other than the noodles, we had a bowl of wantan soup. I love these dumplings as they were not stingy on the meat which was well flavoured.

Other add-ons were - stewed deep-fried chicken legs...

And boiled small pig's intestine.

Jalan 3, Taman Kandan Baru,
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS : 3.059075, 101.638675

Hours: 6:00 am to 1:30 pm (Closed on last two days of the month)

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