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YummY! - Wanton Wantan Mee @ Swee Kong, Penang

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Pulau Tikus, Penang, Malaysia - January, 2013
I have always like wantan mee. There are so many stalls out there selling fantastic wantan mee. Just too may good ones to blog on.
But this one, this one I have to write on because it's different. How?
Let's find out.

The vendor is this young man, who has been selling here for decades; so I guess he is not that young anymore. Haha!

What makes his wantan mee special is the gravy that is spread over the mee. It's prepared from a Chinese black mushroom soup with starch & beaten eggs to thicken it.
The mushrooms give the gravy that er..... mushroomy whiff.

I ordered the hor fun kon loh (dry style), with boiled wantans. It's hard to find good hor fun wantan mee at other towns.
Note : They also serve crispy deep-fried wantans.
The "young" man's wantans were meaty and of good size, not like many others who just put that itsy bitsy bit of meat.
I also asked for deep-fried lard cubes to be added - sinful but crunchy YummY!

Thumbs Up!
It was a simple but good meal.

This Wantan Mee stall is located within the Swee Kong Coffee Shop at the junction of Burma Road and Moulmein Close, opposite the Pulau Tikus police station.

Menu Signage - pricing is RM3-50, RM4-50 & RM5-50 for small, medium & large servings respectively.

UPDATE JULY 2014 - This stall has moved to it's own shop two doors away.

Junction Burma Road/Moulmein Close,
Pulau Tikus,
George Town, Penang
GPS : 5.430470, 100.312707

Swee Kong Coffee Shop Location Map (Google Map Link)

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