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YummY! - Cuttlefish Kangkong @ Kong Heng, Ipoh

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Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - 24th November, 2012
Cuttlefish Kangkong or locally called Joo Hoo Eng Chai in Hokkein (and Yau Yee Hong Choy in Cantonese) is not a dish that's known worldwide, but all the same it is a delicious dish. It is not normally eaten by itself often as an appetizer dish.

Cuttlefish Kangkong is a dish of boiled cuttlefish and kangkong (water spinach). Excess water in the boiled kangkong is removed by squeezing them between two plates, the cuttle fish & sauce is then added. The type of sauce differs from place to place, most have a mixture of sweet sauce (tau cheong) with diluted fish paste with grounded ground nuts.

This one in Ipoh, from a stall at Kong Heng Restaurant, is different, it uses a cooked sauce that is quite like satay sauce but only slightly spicy.

So how does it tastes?
The cuttlefish was bouncy bitey and the kangkong just nicely boiled so that it is soft yet crunchy.
And Oooooo! It's the sauce that makes it special - spicy, sweet and with a hint of burnt prawns (they must have added some grounded roasted dried prawns). It coated the cuttlefish and kangkong so well that it brought out a good flavor.
By themselves, the cuttlefish and kangkong will taste bland. Put everything together and we have a great dish!

Preparation -
The boiled kangkong is squeezed between two plates to drain off excess water and the cut into short strips of about 2 inches long.

Pieces of cut cuttlefish is then added on top.

The sauce is added.
And Viola! A beautiful presentation of a delicious dish.

Price per plate ranges from RM6-00 to RM12-00.

Jalan Bandar Timah,
Ipoh, Perak,

GPS : 4.595830, 101.077678
           +4° 35' 44.99", +101° 4' 39.64"

Kong Heng Restaurant Location Map (Google Map Link)

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