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Indonesia - Bali Hai : Day 1 Sept 2007

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Bali Hai : 9th to 11th September 2007
Lenggong Dancers

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Bali has always intrigue me. Having heard of it's beauty, it's art & culture; also also how humble, friendly  and helpful the locals are, me & my wife Lynn decided to fly over for a short holiday there. And we were glad that we did, because it was all that & more.

DAY 1 - 9TH OCTOBER 2007


We arrived in the morning and was met by Made, a van-transport provider who has been introduece by a friend. He picked us up from the airport in Kuta and sent us to our hotel, the Ananda Cottages in Ubud

It even has a small art gallery of it's own, where Balinese paintings and sculptures can be seen and bought.

We were led through landscaped paths to our "room".
Surprise, surprise! The room turned out to be on at the top of a villa sitting in a very green and tree lined garden.

The view from our balcony was great, just next to our villa is a small padi field...

... and around it plants, tree and shrubs were planted in the very unique Balinese garden style.
This is my first exposure to Bali, and I am truly amazed by how the locals have worked the greenery right to their doorsteps.


We rented a motor-cycle from the hotel for about USD 4-50 per day and the two of us rode off... not to the sunset; but to the Neka Art Museum.
Well Bali is renown for its art, so this is a must see!

The Neka Museum has one of the most extensive collection of Balinese paintings...

... and sculptures. To see more Balinese artwork see my blog at Indonesia: Balinese Art.

The architecture of the Neka Museum buildings is itself also an art.

Feeling adventurous, we rode off to the Monkey Forest Street, riding through the rustic roads of Ubud.

At Monkey Forest Stree,t we stopped by at one of the many art gallery/shops to admire more artwork.

Some of the paintings like the one above are creations by the resident artists.

While others are of renown Balinese piece; but copies made by the resident artists.

Traditional Female Dancer In Green Costume Painting.

Traditional Costumed Lady Playing Flute Painting

I even bought a painting here, the artist signed it off himself.
It cost me only USD25, but hopefully one fine day it will become more valuable. Heh Heh!

We went back to the hotel, flopped onto the verendah and absorbed the calming chi from the surrounding nature. It was soothing.


Sunset at Uluwatu
Made came to pick us up around 4:00 pm to sent us to Uluwatu to see the Kecak Dance and later to Jimbaran Beach for dinner.
When we reached there, the sun was still above the horizon.

The Kecak Dance (see YouTube video) is performed by a group of around 30 male dancers.
Bare-top and dressed in white & black sarongs with red trimmings together with silat pants, they sit down akimbo and don't move much.

What is important is that they enter into a trance, swaying their bodies and waving their arms in rhythm to the music; as they music tempor fasten so does the their swaying & waving! 

Then two brightly colored Legong Dancers with golden head-dress entered while the Kecak Dancers sat motionless.

By now the sun was halfway down the horizon, at the sky glowed with a orange hue.

The Legong Dancers twist and turn their arms, hands and fingers; their hips swaying slowly but graciously with the music.

Suddenly in a burst of flames Haruman appeared, dancing and waving wildly.

 With exposed fangs and fierce looking eyes, he looks like he was mad with something.

But a Legong Dancer manage to calm him with a magical spell...

... and subdue him.

By now the sun has fully set, and the sky glimmered with a violet sheen.
With the day ending, so did the show end.

Close up the head dress of the Legong Dancer looks even more impressive.


Made picked us up after I said farewell to the sweet dancer and sent us to Jimbaran Beach.
Here, diners can have good and reasonably priced sea-food sitting right on the beach; lapping up the sea-food while listening to the chorus of the waves and breakers with the salty cool air blowing in.

And to go with the sea-food, a cool Bintang Beer while being serenaded by the musician trio that goes from table to table.
This is life.....

Till tomorrow, Selamat Malam.

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