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Indonesia - Bali Hai : Day 2 & 3 Sept 2007

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Bali Hai : 9th to 11th September 2007

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DAY 2 - 10TH OCTOBER 2007

Good Morning!
We woke up to the crowing of a nearby cockerel and other birds chirping away in the early morning.
Breakfast was at the hotel Restaurant, and as you can guess, it's set in a beautiful landscaped garden.


We packed our bags and checked out of the hotel. Made arrived promptly and took us to the Tampak Siring hot springs.

We reached Tampak Siring in the late morning, not the best of time - it would be better to come here in the early morning.
First thing first, report to the arrival counter and get your shorts and sarongs. Shorts are required if you want to bath, and the sarong is to cover your legs in reverence to the holy place.

Entrance to the pool area is through this interesting Balinese gates.

The pool is rather large, with water springing out from many spouts along one wall. The water is fed by a channel from another pool.
One can bathe there...

... or just waddle your feet and wash you face. The water in the pool is clear and aquamarine blue in color.

The water comes from another adjacent pool with green seaweeds in and floating on it.

The water bubbles out from underground springs bringing with it murky but healthy minerals.

Finished with our paddling in the pool, we did a poor rendition of the Legong Dance.


Finished with the springs, we went further inland and further up hill to the Kintamani Volcano area.

It's not one volcano, but a series of extinct volcanoes, with a nice blue caldera lake (Lake Batur)in the valley formed between them.
Fancy, finding this in the middle of a small island.

There are even several restaurants where one can dine and enjoy the view at the same time.

Leaving Kintamani, we made our way downhill to Tegalallang our next destination, passing by the Merman statue at one of the busy intersections.

The padi terraces at Tegallalng a beautiful, pity that there are only a few of them here. We stopped for a short while to admire it and then proceeded to our hotel in Kuta - the Bali Dynasty Resort.


The Bali Dynasty Resort is a 5-star hotel and we were greeted with a gong.

It even has a very large swimming pool; but we will have to leave swimming for later as we are in a rush to go off elsewhere.

That elsewhere was the Spa at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
Many tourist go to spas in Bali, it's in line with the laid-back & relaxing mood of the island.

We had changed into our spa robes and had drinks, relaxed while waiting for our the turn in the spa.
Sorry no photos allowed in the spa rooms themselves.

Nevertheless, we cam out rejuvenated and serene, calm and ready to go back to our hotel for the night.

The following day we checked out from our hotel, did a bit of shopping at Kuta and flew back home.

We will come again.

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