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YummY! - Ipoh Hor Fun @ Kong Heng, Ipoh

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Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - 24th November, 2012
Ipoh Kai Si Hor Fun, what more can I say of it; it is already renown as one of the signature dishes from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
So I can only humbly go and savor it at one of two restaurants that I like in Ipoh - this one is at Kong Heng Restaurant in Old Town.

So for the uninitiated: What is Ipoh Hor Fun?
It is Chinese flat rice noodles soup, with prawns & strips of chicken and garnished with ku chai (Chinese Chives). The soup is made from the chicken and prawn stock. A small plate of chili padi is provided for the extra zing!

And how does it taste?
Good, good... The soup has that chicken flavor with a tinge of prawn aroma; just slightly spicy with that little chili oil on top. The hor fun noodles were soft and smooth.
But I must tweak the Ipohreans here. I think Penang Hokkein Prawn Mee taste much, much better - let them proof me wrong!

Price is RM4-00 for a small bowl, and RM5-00 for a big one.

There is another Ipoh Hor Fun stall at the Thean Chun Coffee Shop next door, I normally eat here - but the place was packed for that day.

Thean Chun's hor fun is reputed to be the better of the two.
But I still think Penang Hokkein Mee beats both of them anytime *Tweak! Tweak!"

Jalan Bandar Timah,
Ipoh, Perak,

GPS : 4.595830, 101.077678
           +4° 35' 44.99", +101° 4' 39.64"

Kong Heng Restaurant Location Map (Google Map Link)

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