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YummY! - Sizzling Pork Satay @ Kong Heng, Ipoh

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Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - 24th November, 2012
Eating the Pork Satay (or some call it sate) at Kong Heng in Ipoh has been a family traditon for us.
As far back as the late 60's I can recall my grandfather taking us there during his monthly business trips down south from Penang. It was a must stop foodie joint for him. Back then the stall was operated by the grandfather of the present operator.

Present operator of the satay stall
After my grand-dad passed, it was my dad's turn to go south, and this satay was a must for him also - back then it was the father operating the stall.
So, it was my grandfather to his grandfather, my father to his father; and now three generations down me and him. That's traditon.
The father still comes to the stall, but more to chat with the regulars.

But what makes us come back generation after generation, year after year.
Firstly the satay themselves are good - the meat tender, and the roasting just nice with that little bit of burnt parts.
It spicy but not as spicy as the the Malay versions.

They do not stinge, each stick comes with three chunky pork pieces with a small, itsy-bitsy piece of pork fat in between.
I think that fat piece helps to make this satay good too - as while the satay is barbecued, the fat melts and lends a helping hand to the to the cooking process to ensure that no over-burning at the meat tips occur.
Back in my grandfather's days, that piece of fat was not so itsy-bitsy, it has shrunk to meet today's healthy eating trends.

Better still, they do serve tripe satay - liver and intestines satays.
It's pretty hard to find pork satays these days especially those that do serve tripe too.

They operate from the side alley between Kong Heng & Thean Chun (the one renown for the Ipoh Hor Fun) coffee shops - and from only a very spartan stall with just a make-do tarpaulin roof.
And they have been doing this for generations!

From a single grille, the satays are barbecued fast enough to serve these two shops.

And here's their secret.
The skewered pork are marinated first in generous amounts of sauce.

Same marinating goes for the tripe.

Then they are barbecued lightly one round first...

The lightly barbecued satays are stored in a platter. Only when an order comes are they barbecued the final time prior to serving.

Same goes for the tripe satay.

Price of the satay is RM0-70 per stick, very reasonably priced for a large skewer.
When you order you don't have to mention how many sticks you want, just tell them whether you want to include the tripe satay or not.
They will bring the satay and keep on topping it up if your plate gets empty.
No worries, you only pay for what you eat!

Jalan Bandar Timah,
Ipoh, Perak,

GPS : 4.595830, 101.077678
            +4° 35' 44.99", +101° 4' 39.64"

Kong Heng Restaurant Location Map (Google Map Link)

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