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Art Gallery - Australian Art: Perth Street Art @ Wolf & McLean Lanes

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Australian Art: Perth Street Art @ Wolf & McLean Lanes
Perth in Western Australia - August 2019
On a multi-mode cycling tour of Perth and it's vicinity (meaning we drove, cycled and took trains) we had the chance to do a bit of cycling in Perth. While cycling around we did "discover" some lovely and unique street art murals. Below are the ones we saw at Wolf Lane & McLean Lane. We did see some other street art at Grand Lane, but that's posted under another blog.
Below are many of the murals we saw, click on the respective photo for a better enlarged view. Due to photography angle, and for presentation purposes, many of photos have been cropped and edited to compensate for low lighting. It is better to go there and see these artworks for yourself. Enjoy!

Coming back from Fremantle after some cycling adventure there, we were heading for our stay at Hay Street and Mr. Google took us through a detour via Wolf Lane .... and what a pleasant detour it was! Just as we rode into the lane, a huge wall of psychedelic colour pounced upon us!

Yes it was indeed a 3-storey techno colour which looked chaotic at first but on proper look it had a semblance of something well pieced together.
We looked up to another tall wall and saw a terrific looking giant seahorse painted in fine detail and wrapped in green leaves like a mummy (this mural was by Puerto Rican artist, Alexis Diaz: see top-most photo).

A mural on another wall plays on the name of the lane. A little boy in wolf's clothing seems to be fiddling with some plants with electric cables for stalks and circular bulbs as flowers. 

This one seems to depict someone who looks like Jesus wearing a crown of thorn and at the same time wearing a gas mask. I am still trying to interpret it's deep meaning.

On another long wall, ladies and dresses seems to be falling down from the sky.

Hmmm... a lady among televisions?

Lost in Space!

I think I need to have my eyes checked, thought this one was for Open Heart Body Piercing!
Actually it's a mural that had incorporated the Opal Heart Body Piercing shop.

This is a nice one of a relaxing marsupial. What animal is this? Is it related to the Numbat seen at a street art wall mural in Fremantle.

This mural looks interesting but seems a bit out of place.... it's a mural depicting the cartoon toast icon of Toastface Grillah which is not located here but over at Grand Lane!

Okay, this is strictly not street art; but the colours here caught my eye as we were exiting Wolf Lane. It's from the shop window of the Louis Vuitton Perth shop located at King Street just opposite the Wolf Lane entrance.

(Click here for Google Street View Of Wolf Lane)

As we rode into McLean Lane, colourful lanterns were strung up high above. On wall was painted a pastel blue while on the other wall was a board painted in rainbow colours. McLean Lane is a short side lane that spans between Murray Street and the major throughfare, Wellington Street.

A close look at the Rainbow board.

The lanterns, looks like lamp shades. On a blue gable wall are some red-outlined cog wheels.

A closer look at the lanterns.
(Click here for night view of McLean Lane)

A closer look at the cog-wheels; I had thought that they were neon lit.....

..... but a close-up look showed them to be unconnected metal tubes.

But on the low blue walls nearer to Wellington Street were actual artwork made from neon tubes! They must look very nice in the dark evening!

The neon art is title "March 24, 1930" and was made by anartist team called Midnight Tuesday that specialise in public art; I wonder what's the significance of the date?

Some words graffiti.

As we leave the lane, at the Murray Street end were these reindeer heads above a stylized diamond mural.
(Click here for view of Reindeer Head at McLean Lane)

But we were not done yet, further down Murray Street, at a dead-end side alley next to the Aikuma Sushii shop we espied some murals. And as it was getting dark, some of the neon street art were beutifully lit up.

A cowboy and his monkey?

Word street art and at the bottom right corner was the cartoon character Deadpool.

A first looking shark.

An graffiti artist self potrait of his hand, spraying paint from a spray can.



Vampish lady of the night; pity that part of this work was blocked by paper cartons.

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