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Art Gallery - Korean Art @ Yangpyeong Art Museum (양평군립미술관)

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Korean Art @ Yangpyeong Art Museum (양평군립미술관) 
Mirror finish of glass exterior wall of the Yangpyeong Art Museum
Yangpeyong, South Korea - June 2016
While cycling the Korea's Namhanggang cycling trails, one of the interesting thing was to get our cycling passports stamped at various destinations (sort of like a treasure hunt without any treasure). One of the destinations was the Yangpyeong Art Museum. We did stop there for a while, to rest and also to view the art pieces on display. Unfortunately for us the museum was closed for preparations on an upcoming exhibition. Still there were some interesting sculptures on display at the garden compound; I present them here for you to enjoy.

Sliced Image "David".
- 2100x700x600 stainless steel sculpture (2010).

Did not see a title for this piece but it looks like the anti-thesis of "David", a horned devil with a skeletal had. Is that dragon fly at the top left horn a real one?

A stone conical pyramid built from rounded river stones and capped with a stainless steel tip.

This one looks like tree trunks with netting globes atop.
- 4000x3500x7000 stainless steel sculpture (2007).

Giant light bulbs?

Try to figure this one out is it a reposing camel or a chicke; on account of the dark coloured stone, I would think it as the "Ugly Duckling".

Little boy scarecrow with dragonflies.
- 2100x1100x2500 multi medium (stone, steel) sculpture (2007).

A hollow man?
- stone sculpture with steel studs.

Cycling down a rocky slope.
This one was on a traffic island nearby.

"Making My Position"
- bronze statue of an orangutan with painted hair, shirt and pants (2010).

Bluey the orangutan (I call him that on account of his blue hair) was so cute the girls were just attracted to him and his pouting mouth.

A rusty rail car?
- (2010)

A bright blue 3-D star or is it a snowflake?

Floor by floor plan of the Yangpyeong Art Museum.
(click on photo for enlarge view)

Yangpyeong Art Museum
2 Munhwabokji-gil, Yangpyeong-eup, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
Tel : +82 31-775-8515
Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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