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Photo Gallery - Indonesia Jogja Kasongan Art #2 - Carvings & Statues

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PHOTO GALLERY - Indonesia Jogja Kasongan Art #2 : Carvings & Statues
Kasongan, Jogjakarta, Indonesia - May 2013
Mask Carving on the entrance arch into the Kasongan Area.
While on a tour of Jogjakarta (... see Jogjakarta 2013 : Day 3 - A Day Of Palaces) I visited the Kasongan area, where there are many different types of artwork. I walked a kilometer stretch of the road here and admired many carvings & statues. Here there are to share with you all.

Horse Statue, one of a pair on the top of the entrance arch to the Kasongan area.

Leave Petals - wood carving.

Traditional Ancient Lady Dancers - stone statues.

Leaf Petals On A Stylized Branch - wood carving.

Stylized Waves and Circles - wood carving.

Statues of Ducks.

A table mad of logs with glass top.

Indonesian Goofy Dog - stone statue.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil - stone statue.

Roman Lady & Gladiator - stone statues.

Tiger - stone statue.

Orange Leopard - stone statue.

Long-eared Buddha - stone busts.

Traditionally Dressed Javanese Ladies - porcelain statues.

Good & Eveil - stone statues of the Buddha, Laughing Buddha & Javanese Gremlins.

Buddha Head - stone statue.

Baby Hippopotamus - stone statue.

Kneeling Elephant - stone statue.

Traditionally Dressed Javanese Lady Pouring Water - stone statue.

Weeping Man - stone statue.

Terracotta Warriors - stone statues.

Javanes Temple Guard - stone statue.

Javanese Temple Lion - stone statue.

Stylized Easter Island Statue - stone statue.

A Praying Standing Buddhist Monk - stone statue.

Buddha Head in Easter Island style - wooden carving.

Traditionally Costumed Javanese Ladies Pouring Water - stone statues.

Water Tortoise - stone statue.

Nude Male Torso - stone carving.

Fountain Bowl on Leaves Pedestal - stone carving.

Stylized Cockerel - made from metal washers.

Wooden Bench with Diamond Carving.

Beige Vases With Leaves Pattern.

Off-white Vases with waves pattern.

Seahorses - wooden statues.

Black & White Vases.

Snipe Bird - wooden statue.

White Seahorses - Wooden Statues.
Red Vases.

Multi-colored Vases.

Javanese Cockerel - wooden carving.

Black & White Vase with broken porcelain pattern.

Some of the shops I visited :
CK Terrakota Handycraft.

Dana Craft.

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