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YummY! - Bamboo Wantan Noodles @ Lum Choong Kee

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Bamboo Wantan Noodles @ Lum Choong Kee
Taman SEA, Petaling Jaya, Selangor - May 2016
There had been lots of rave about this particular wantan mee stall, about how good the noodles are and how fantastic the char siew (barbecued pork belly) is. It has become sort of a pilgrimage place for members of the Makan Club (a Facebook group of people crazy over food.... er.... I better correct that before I get knocked on the head as I am a member of the group too *grins*; actually it's a group of people who appreciate good food and goes to length to share their gastronomic experiences).
Being a faithful member of the group, I had meant to go try these noodles as soon as the stall had started operations (which was about a month or so back), but I was delayed by my cycling adventures in South Thailand. The moment I came back, I made it a point to go try; not because of the raves but more for a personal reason, a friendly reason.

See, Lum Choong Kee is operated by Ah Chee, he's the founder of the Makan Club; which made me wonder whether the beeline to his stall were because his food is good or just because members were being loyal. We will see later when I sink my teeth into the noodles.
I had been a member of the club for years now and had gotten to know Ah Chee personally as a friend. We had even gone out on a trip to sample some Q-Q (short for kiew-kiew, i.e. Chinese for springy bitey) wantan noodles at Ho Kee in Puchong. Now he has taken the bold step of becoming a hawker himself and have come a full circle from testing wantan noodles to selling them.

I popped over to say hello to him but had a hard time trying to talk to him as I was trying hard to not to turn my head to look at these beauties hanging up there. Hi there! You all are looking good!

If those hanging up there were beauties, these char siew on the tray were even more tempting, looking all succulent... Oh.. man.... I just can't wait to take a bite!
Ah Chee has done his homework and researched well, and most probably have done a lot of self-testing - sourcing for the best noodles, on where to get the Q-Q types; and testing of the char siew to get the right cuts, correct seasoning and precise barbecuing techniques.

My order came, a normal size plate of wantan noodles, which with the generous cuts of char siew, did not look normal at all - it looked fabulously enticing, alluring... tempting!
And the wantan dumpling were large size, full of meat!

I looked closely at the noodles with thick cuts of char siew sitting comfortably on top.
Oh dear .... my mouth was starting to drip .. I better stop staring at it and start digging in.
Yes, the noodles were Q-Q as he had promised me and the sauce just the right thickness with a good thick dark soy base. What's more, he has used good lard to bring out the overall flavours. Seeing how good the lard was, I couldn't help it but to ask for lard bits.

And this is a photo that got a lot of mouths drooling - nice thick cuts of char siew. They were tender, with a tasty coating of caramelised plum syrup based seasoning. Ah Chee was still experimenting to get the right flavours and for today was trying the plum flavours.

His approach was one full of passion, there is even a poster to describe the different grades of char siew from lean to all fat and how much of these were available from the pork belly cuts. It's all up to personal preferences.
He had asked my honest opinion on his food. I like my char siew slightly burnt, with more fat. My mistake; I should have had a look at this list first before ordering!
Overall, Lum Choong Kee's wantan mee was excellent, with springy, bitey noodles in a mix of excellent sauce. AND the char siew.... need I say more?

Here's Lum Choong Kee menu & price list. At RM8-00 for a plate, the price is reasonable considering the ample cuts of char siew that's included.

Restoran Kepong Crab, 42, Jalan SS23/11 47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Hours: 7:45am to around 11:00am (earlier on weekends ) (Closed on Teusdays).
Tip: Go there before 9:30 for the best cuts of the Char Siew

UPDATE: Lum Choong Kee has stopped operating.

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