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YummY! - A Beautiful Thai Lunch @ Sathing Phra

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A Beautiful Thai Lunch @ Sathing Phra
Sathing Phra, South Thailand  - April 2016
Is there such a thing as a beautiful lunch? Of course there is, when the chef takes the trouble to decorate his offerings with nice and colourful embellishments. But this good food at Sathing Phra, South Thailand is beautiful in other ways.

We were on a cycling tour of South Thailand, and just as we rode into Sathing Phra beach, my heart & soul was already captivated by the scenery; that was the beauty I was talking about, one that is so postcard scenic, one of white sandy beach with small breaker waves lapping onto it temptingly. One of a bright blue sea that goes right to the horizon with an equally bright blue sky over it. The picture is perfect that it just added on to the dining experience.

There are a couple of shops here, huts sitting blending into the beach. Their kitchens were to the back facing the road while the eating area was up front. The odd thing is that this stalls were operated by women only, no man around.

Eating is out on the beach. Since it was a hot day we opted for these shady bamboo hearts. With attap roofs, they were quite cooling.

Okay, the food was beautiful too; let's have a closer look at them:-
Som Tam - Thai green papaya salad.
Here they used very young papayas, so young that the flesh was white and very crunchy. Added to this was strips of carrots and long cuts of long beans over all of which was poured a spicy chilli thin syrup. This was very nice just adequately spicy and not overly sweet. The rose is not part of the syrup. it's part of the plate's glazing; looked so realistic that I almost ate it!

A plate of salad greens accompanied the Som Tam - cucumber, cabbage and plucks of basil leaves.

This spicy stir-fried minced pork was very good and the sauce it came with went very well with our rice.

The beach here is nice; they have even laid out tables for eating out under the open sky. We had just had a very hot day of cycling, so we opted to stay within the shaded hut and admire the beautiful scene from inside.

On the landward side is the large wind turbine, sticking out oddly among the landscape yet somehow blending in.

Next to come was this seafood fried rice which was great as it was mildly spicy only (so no over-dozed of spicy food for us).

Filled with nice prawns and cuttlefish.

This was the dish I enjoyed the most - the fried omelet done so that it was still slightly runny and soft; it got me hooked on Thai omelet and for almost every meal after this I would be asking for omelet!

Sathing Phra was so cozy, so beautiful that we hung around for almost an hour after our lunch; just relaxing, sipping our Chang beers, enjoying the light sea breeze and taking in the moment.

Sathing Phra District, Songkhla Province, Thailand. 
GPS: 7.46101, 100.44996.

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / FootSteps / YummY! / Thailand 2016-Cambodian & Thai Food / Noodles / A Beautiful Thai Lunch @ Sathing Phra
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