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YummY! - Good Hungarian Food Buffet @ Trófea Restaurant Budapest

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Good Hungarian Buffet @ Trófea Restaurant Budapest
Budapest, Hungary - October 2015
Looking for a reasonably priced place to eat while you are in Budapest? Trófea Grille Restaurant is a worthwhile place that offers buffet with a wide range of Hungarian cuisine at very reasonable prices for the quality of food that they offer.

Look at these prices - it's for all you can eat from a selections of almost one hundred dishes, most of them Hungarian cuisine with some Japanese fare. The menu changes slightly from day to day.
The prices at time of this blog is:
Weekdays Lunch (Monday-Friday): 3,899 HUF (approx. USD14-00)

Weekdays Dinner : 5,499 HUF (approx. USD19-50)
Friday Dinner, Weekends and National Holidays : 5,999 HUF (approx. USD21-50)
A fantastic deal, isn't it! Especially so after seeing the food shown below.

To add to that, what you pay also includes for unlimited rounds of champagne, beer, wine, soft, drinks, mineral water, coffee and cappuccino. In fact as they were a few of us, a whole bottle each of wine and champagne were sent to our table!
The wines are the house reds or whites for the day; other hard liquors and finer wines can be ordered ala carte. 


Soups (from L to R): Husleves Meat Soup, Pumpkin Soup, Miso Soup, Halaszle Fish Soup.

An assortment of crackers .....

..... to go with their selections of cheeses.

My favourite - Foie Gras. The ones served here were very good - thick, tasty and presented in a flower shape sitting on a toast with some garnishing atop. These are the ones on my platter where are have included some olives and crackers. Yes, the goose liver pate is already served with a small piece of toast, but I like these with the crackers too. In fact, I like them so much I went for a few rounds!

Preserved meat cuts and meat loaves, in this selection there were some sushi too.

Fresh salads. I was surprised to sea some pineapples too as over here in the temperate lands, these can be rather expensive. The pie nuts were good, crunchy and tasty to go with the salads.

Mixed salad. The broccoli served with creamy sauce was my favourite.

An assortment of pickles.


These are some of the mains at the buffet counter. The range is more than what is shown here (the lighting was dim, so some of the photos did not turn out well and are not shown here).
The staples included rice too.

Golden Noodle & Strawberry Cottage Cheese Dumplings.

Chicken Breast with Broccoli Cheese, Duck Ham with Steamed Cabbage, and Smoke Roasted Chicken Drumsticks.

Deer Stew with Woody Mushrooms, and Stuffed Cabbage with Smoked Ribs.
The cabbage was very good, adequately soft with a light sauce, it went very well with the heady aroma of the smoked ribs.

Green Mussels with Basil Tomato Sauce.

Venison Burgundy Style, Lamb Stew, and Barbecued Veal Ribs.
The venison was slowly cooked in red sauce and came out quite tender with the strong meaty aroma reduced. The stew was great with a good spicy flavour. And of the three I liked the veal ribs best; tender and the barbecuing had brought out the essence of the veal.

Beef with Vegetable Cream Sauce, and Tripe Stew with Trotters (you won't see whole trotters here, they had been sliced into smaller pieces).

Fajitas Chicken Breast, and Pancake ala Hortobagy Style (Hortobágyi palacsinta).
The pancake, a traditional Hungarian food, stuffed with chopped meats and vegetables. It was very nice and one of my favourites too (meaning I went more than a couple of rounds of this).

There was also a grille section right at the centre. Point out one's choice to a waiter and he will put it in a platter and send it to a couple of guys who will grille it on hot plates.
A wide range of meat and some vegetables were available:
Gyro Chicken Breasts, Tandoori Chicken Breasts (yes, Tandoori!), Chicken breasts with chilli and sesame seeds, chicken in barbecue sauce, pullet with Hamburgi sauce, Gypsy Roast, Dijon Pork Medallions, Shark meat, ice Tuna, Tilapia, African Catfish, cuttlefihs, mushrooms, etc.

There was a wide selection of desserts and fruits too; I particularly liked this one, I can't rightfully recall its name. It's a creamy rolled bun filled with sweetened fruits and nuts. Very soft and bready.

Here's some photos of a couple of my rounds:
Foie Grass with grilled pork medallions...

Cabbage rolls with barbecued veal ribs. Looks real appetizing don't they? They were!

... and some bubbly wine to top off the meal!

We came out well fed, well sated with an introduction to some Hungarian dishes which we had not tried before. It was definitely a worthwhile meal, a learning experience too.

H-1061 Budapest, Király u. 30-32, Budapest, Hungary.
Tel: +36-20 9998797 / +36-12 700366
Note: They have several outlets, to view other outlets webpage:
Hours: Monday to Friday - 12:00 pm to 12:00 am / Saturday & Sunday - 11:30 am to 12:00 am
GPS: 47.499908, 19.059457
(Click here for Google Street View)

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