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YummY! - Cendol Seremban @ Haji Shariff Cendol

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Cendol Seremban @ Haji Shariff Cendol
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia - December 2015
Of late I seem to have an appetite for cendols, those green stringy dessert immersed in santan and topped up with a dose of good Gula Malacca. Mind you, I do have a certain discretion when going for these desserts; I only go for those good ones, or at least those that looked good (one can't tell until it's tried). I don't simply go for those commercial ones with many chained outlets (although some can be good), like those bakar cendols which I think are over-rated and don't taste that good.
This time round, me and some buddies were on a cycling trip from Kajang to Seremban which ended in some good eats, one of which was this cendol sold at Haji Shariff Cendol & Catering Sdn. Bhd. in Seremban's old quarters. So how was it to my fussy palate? Okay, let's dig in and see.

This is a self-service place, we took our place in the queue and while waiting watched the helpers do their preparation.  One is shaving the ice on a machine (on the far right, can't see the ice shaver), a middle one prepares bowls of cendol and the third one prepared packets of take-away.

First thing I noticed about the serving, the cendol came in a thick stainless steel bowl, that's hygienically good. I was having the cendul with jagung (sweet corn), it's a good combo as the creamy corn goes well with the santan. The cendul noodles were a slight pandan green, slightly chewy while the santan could have been creamier. The Gula Malacca was quite okay but could have been thicker or more aromatic. The ice shaving was rather coarse.
Overall, I found the cendul quite good, not as good as the Malacca Nyonya Cendol or the Penang Teochew Cendul but probably one of the best in the state.

My friend Rivern went for the full works - with all the topping of jagung, red beans and pulut (glutinous rice). When asked how it was, he replied it was nice and filling!

Haji Shariff's also sell rojak, this was fairly good only, i.e. I found the gravy a tad too sweet.
They also serve mee rebus, but apparently it's using this same gravy.

The locals seems to find this a favourite, there were long queues for this iced dessert. They are quite systematic about serving their patrons, there is a separate queue for those who take away.

There is no worries about not getting your serving, this large pot of cendul is continuously replaced with another coming in from the kitchen.

The wall-hung menu and price list.

One cannot miss Haji Shariff's shop when at the old town section of Seremban. Located at Jalan Yam Tuan, it's distinctive pastel green building with dark green borders is very noticeable.
44 Jalan Yam Tuan, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Tel: +606762-8505
Hours: 10:30am to 6:00pm (Closed on Fridays)
GPS: 2.730930, 101.936882
(Click here for Google Street View of Pasar Besar Seremban)

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