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YummY! - Tiered Breakfast Set @ Cafe Glockenspiel Salzburg

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Tiered Breakfast Set @ Cafe Glockenspiel Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria - September 2015
On a tour of Europe, it was mid-morning in Salzburg and we popped in for a nice brunch at Cafe Glockenspiel before continuing our visits to other beautiful destinations in and nearby the city.

Cafe Glockenspiel is located right in the heart of Salzburg old town (Alstadt), at Mozartplatz. There's even a statue of Mozart at this plaza. At this strategic location, one can dine and view the going ons in the plaza - tourist getting ready to view the Salzburger Dom, workmen preparing the plaza for some festival, etc. There is a lot going on here and it does make one's tummy hungry.... so it's into the cafe then!

The cafe served a wide range of food, even looking at the pastry available we were at a lost for choice. Fortunately in their menu there were some breakfast sets, one which looked promising and offered quite a hearty meal for breakfast. Well, it's mid-morning already, might as well go for it and treat it as brunch!

Most of us went for the Glockenspiel Brekky. It came served in a 3-tiered tray; an interesting way to serve the food and at the same time safe space on the table.

Here's a breakdown of the food in the different tiers:
On the top tier: a small bowl of fruit salad, a soft boiled egg, butter & jams (strawberry, raspberry & apricot). The jams were organic which made me wonder whether the eggs were au natural, coming from free-range chicken.

At the middle tier: Slices of prosciutto (Italian dry cured ham) & smoked salmon served with a couple of olives. The prosciutto was a good touch, slightly dry with a tinge of smokiness (not as strong as that of smoked ham).

At the bottom; a variety of cheese served with some walnuts and a dip.

This brekky came with a hand-made roll, a small-grain loaf. a soft bun together with a glass of fresh orange juice.

The restaurant is clinically bright, lightly decorate and with pastel coloured picture partitions separating the different seating sections.

If the organic food in their Glockenspiel Brekky is not healthy enough, there is the Health Bells Brekky.
It came in three tiers too; the jams in the top tier had been replaced with veggie sticks and a dip. In the middle tier were three whole-grain pastries and at the bottom were butter & honey for the pastries together with a small bowl of Bircher Musli with yoghurt. A plate of fresh cheese came separately, and orange juice too.

Glockenspiel Brekky & A La Carte Menu.

The Salads, Fish and Stuffed Bread Rolls Menu.

The Small Dishes, Sausages and Pastries Menu.

And a wide range of coffee and tea in the Hot Drinks Menu.

Mozartplazt 2, 5020 Salzburg, Austria.
Tel: +43-0699-1616-2155 / +43-0662231068
Webpage: http://www.cafe-glockenspiel.at/      |     Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Cafe-Glockenspiel-Salzburg/
Hours: 8:30 am-10:30 pm

GPS: 47.798847, 13.047098
(Click here for Google Street View)

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Photograpy by Brenda L Croft

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