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Art Gallery - Albertina Museum Vienna: The Batliner Collection - French Painters

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Albertina Museum Vienna: The Batliner Collection French Painters
September 2015
Parrot Tulips - Henri Matisse (1905)
The Batliner Collection (in German - die Sammlung Batliner) of the Albertina Museum displays one of the largest collection of classical and modernist paintings. There are around 500 exhibits on permanent loan from Rita and Herbert Batliner who had collected them from the beginning of the 1960's. The Batliner Collection includes paintings from various masters such as Picasso and Monet.
Due to photography angle and shadow, I had cropped some of the photos; so some of the photo may not show the full painting. It's best to go to the museum and view the paintings to fully appreciate them.

As the Batliner Collection is rather large, I have separated them into several blogs. Below are the paintings by some notable French painters, click on the respective photos below for enlarged view:

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Gray Nude In Profile - Pierre Bonnard (c.1933)

The Bay Of Antwerp - Georges Braque (1906)

The Sideboard - Georges Braque (1920)

Still Life - Georges Braque (1919)

Farm In Normandy - Paul Cézanne (1885/86)

Les Petits Montanges Mauresques - Henri-Edmond Cross (1909)

Two Dancers - Edgar Degas (c.1905)

Nudes With Flamingos - Robert Delauney (1907)

Air Iron, Water; Study For A Mural - Robert Delauney (1936/37)

The Harbor At Collioure - André Derain (1905)

On The Green Bench - Henri Lebasque (1911)

Young Girls In A Mediterranean Landscape - Henri Lebasque (c.1907) 

Two Profiles - Fernand Léger (1928)

The Striped Dress - Henri Matisse (1938)

Street In Arceuil - Henri Matisse (1903/04) / This is from a private collection.
Pierrot - Georges Rouault (1939)

Antibes, The Tower - Paul Signac (1911)

Venice, The Pink Cloud - Paul Signac (1909)

The White Horse "Gazelle" - Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (1881)

The Seine At Chatou - Maurice de Vlaminck (1906/07)

Rowing Boat At Chatou - Maurice de Vlaminck (c.1906)

Still Life With Fruit Bowl - Maurice de Vlaminck (c.1905/06)

The Blue Room - Edouard Vuillard (c.1916/17)

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