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Sites : Hallstatt - A Fairytale Village

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Hallstatt - A Fairytale Village

A Unesco Heritage Site
Hallstatt, Austria - September 2015
Hallstatt is one of those places that one have to see to realise that there are some places in the world that looked like they came out from a book... this one from a fairytale book. We were indeed lucky to take a side trip there while on a tour of Austria; we went there came back and our childhood memories of fairies were rekindled.

With houses lining the side Lake Hallstatt (Hallst├Ątter See) and some sitting on the slopes of a hill, this a village with a perfect setting. What makes it quaint is that most of the houses looks like they were a throwback to the Middle Ages, the period from which many of fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm were set in.

At the lakeside and with many houses sitting on the slopes, even today Hallstatt is not easily accessible. The town started as a salt-mining village, harvesting salt from the mines in the hills.

Other than by boat, from Salzburg only one road lead to the town and it comes through a tunnel just before the town.

Just after the tunnel, is the car-park for cars and the tour bus terminal; beyond this point, other than delivery vans and residents' cars, no vehicles is allowed in. At this junction is a mini-market where locals and tourists can shop.

Here's some photos of the fairytale houses and other buildings:

The town square is the best place to grab photos of these quaint houses, during peak season it's difficult to get a good photo without people getting in the way.

Colourful houses in front of the Hallstatt Catholic Church. Looks like these are hotels though. At this point cars can drive in via a perimeter road that skirts the village.

The Hallstatt Evangelical Protestant Church.

Hallstatt Museum.

The narrow roads within the village.

Lakeside view, looking towards the entrance point.

Lakeside view, looking towards the churches.

A map of Hallstatt Lake, showing the various activities that tourists can take part in.
There is also a cable car near the entrance car-park that goes up the hill for a magnificent view of the village and the lake.

Views of other ongoings in the village:

Stone statue of a lady salt mine worker; near the entrance to the village.

Handicraft from one of the cottages.

Garden elves from the same cottage.

A Turkish man (wearing a fez) statue looking out from a window. What's a Turkish doing here in Hallstatt, did the Turks had any influence here?

A memorial to the Hallstatt salt mine workers.

Some interesting doorways...

The monument at the town square.

An old photo from the 1890's of Hallstatt.

Children on a school trip enjoying the lake side.

Swan Lake at Lake Hallstatt?

AND a fairy tale ending at a fairytale village!

Hallstatt Salt Mine Railway
April 09 to Sep. 25 2016: daily 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.*
Sep. 26 to Nov. 06 2016: daily 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.*
Nov. 07 to Nov. 27 2016: daily 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.*
*last descent
Ascent and descent: Adults: € 13,00; Children ( 4-15 years): € 8,00

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