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YummY! - Nasi Lemak @ Ujang Corner

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Taman Greenwood Food Court, Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia - April 2014
I am not much of a fan for Nasi Lemak Kukus. I prefer the traditional nasi lemak, one sold by those small stalls at the roadside or at public hawker centres. And it would even be better if it is sold by a vendor who has been around for decades. One particular stall I like is called Nasi Lemak Ujang in Gombak.

The stall is located in a food court at Taman Greenwood, Jalan Batu Caves. It is fairly near the Jalan Gombak/Jalan Batu Caves junction. Taman Greenwood is listed as being under Batu Caves District, but is more accessible from Gombak.

The stall opens around 5:00pm and sells until they finish they stock of food, which according to the operator is close to midnight. We were there before seven in the evening and by then a long queue had formed with people waiting patiently to be served.

The stall is probably a favourite among locals as not only is the food good, they serve a good variety of dishes - close to twenty. Most nasi lemak stalls offer less than ten.
On their menu are beef rendang, beef curry, beef tripe curry, chicken curry, fried chicken, fish curry, cuttle-fish curry, etc. And of course their is always the nasi lemak perennial favourite - sambal.
They are located at a corner stall, hence the name.

Seen above is Bergedil, fried eggs and fried catfish. The standard fare that comes with the rice is half a hard-boiled egg with cucumber slices.

Below are closer views of some of their dishes:
The Cuttlefish Curry.
This cuttlefish was soft and easy to bite through, the curry was very tasty but a tad on the oily side.

Beef Rendang.
The ever favourite nasi lemak dish. This one was tasty but they could have tenderize the beef more as it was tough.

Chicken Curry.
We did not try this so can't really comment on its taste but it does look good doesn't it?

The Chicken Rendang.
The curry was good, being well spiced and had seeped into the chicken meat well.

Cockles Curry.
This is one that is seldom found in most nasi lemak stalls. Theirs was good with the cockles well cooked yet retaining some juiciness.

I guess the other thing that attract patrons is their rice itself. This was nicely cooked and not sticky like some served in other nasi lemak stalls. Individual beads of the rice was easily distinguishable and the adequate santan had been added to give it that wonderful creaminess of good nasi lemak.

Taman Greenwood Food Court, Jalan Batu Caves, Gombak,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
GPS: 3.23428,101.705727

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