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YummY! - Fish Head Curry @ Bidor Nasi Kandar Noordin

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Bidor, Perak, Malaysia  - June 2014
Looking for good Bidor food?
Bidor, a town in Perak, is supposingly renown for it's Wantan Noodles. Personally, I find the wantan mee there of mediocre standards only and the pricing is high, even more costly than in Kuala Lumpur. And there are so many better ones in Kuala Lumpur.
Now there is an alternative place to eat, one with food that is really good and more worth the while of one's time when stopping in Bidor. This place is called Nasi Kandar Noordin, and am I glad that a friend introduced the place to me.

We were served some fried chicken first (part of our order), it's the Ayam Goreng Merah (Fried Red Chicken). The one served here was not overly red, like those normally served at Malay rice stalls and thus looked more appetizing. It tasted good, spicy and slightly sweet.
Most of us just to some small bites of this as we were saving our stomachs for the main course - the fish head curry.

When the fish head curry came there were a lot of oohs and aahs. The head was huge! And it looked very appetizing surrounded by the curry. It came with okra and eggplant of the round type. The round eggplant is always more suitable for curries as it does not soften so easily as compared to the long eggplant- just nicely soft to soak up the curry without breaking up.
The fish was meaty and the flesh soft and yet firm; with bigger fish, the meat tends to be hard, but this one was soft. Most importantly it was fresh; tastefully fresh. One bite into it and I was hooked! Forget about the over-rated wantan mee, I will be back here whenever I am in Bidor.

The good thing about a big fish head is that it's has lots of thick skin. Skin that is thick yet soft, soft enough to slurp in. That's why most people go for fish head, the flesh is softer, and it's always the skin gelatinous tendons that make a good fish head. If it's the flesh you are after, then just go for the body.

What I like about the grouper is that it has thick lips, the texture of which is slightly harder than the skin. It was good to bite on. Lip-smacking good this one.

Now we come to the part where some find it a delicacy, while others find it yechy - the eyes. I personally like this, sucking out the juicy part from the sockets and the rolling the round white eyeball to get as much as the powdery chalky part as possible.

Besides the grouper we also ordered a Red Snapper fish head. The meat of this fish is softer, but I liked the Grouper better as it's meat was sweeter.
We had two of those large Grouper and this Snapper fish heads for the ten of us. Unbelievably, we finished all of them. They WERE that good.

A bonus that came with the Red Snapper were fish roe which soaked in the curry and had a good powdery texture. It would have even been better if these were deep-fried before being cooked it in the curry, then it would have some nice crunch.

Other than the chicken and fish head curry, we also had omelet fired with large onion slices and some green chilli. This was okay only.

A plate of pickled cucumber slices topped up the meal.

Seating is ample, there are two sections. The above is an open section with a window looking into the kitchen. The other section is air-conditioned, accessible through a door on the left.

PT3854 & 3855, Jalan Besar Bidor,
35500 Bidor, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +6017-396 9637
GPS: 4.114811,101.284705
Hours: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (Closed on Sundays)
For dinner, call in first to make a booking.

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