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YummY! - Johore Malay Food @ D'Cengkih

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Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - February 2013
During a ride to test my new Brompton Bicycle, we stopped by at d'Cengkih for a some morning tea.
Although we only took desserts, d'Cengkih has more to offer - a wholesome range of Johorean Malay Food...

... and with a cozy ambiance that brings out the cultural history of Johore.

On one wall were old sepia-colored photos, that sends out a subtle message "I am from Johore and am proud of it", but at the same time adds to the atmosphere of the place.

Photo of HRH Sultan Abu Bakar

On another wall was a handsome looking photo of HRH Sultan Ali Iskandar Shah, the sultan of Johore during the mid-1800s. Next to it was an ornate antique bird cage.

The imposing looking Sultan Ibrahim Building, the former Johore State Government office.

The resident singer here croons out old Malay & English romantic melodies to add to the visual ambiance of the place. Okay, the mood is right in terms of sight & sound, so how about the most important ingredient - the food?

We were there for morning tea time desserts, so I will start of with those.
The curry puffs filling were with mince beef that had it flavor oozing into the potatoes, overall a nice internal. The crust was crispy and soft crunchy except for the pleated edges which were a bit to hard for biting. So in short - good inside, good outside but the edges can be improved.

The Onde Onde skin was bouncy bitey but the Gula Melaka inside was a bit to solid. For me, good Onde Onde should have the Gula Melaka popping out when bitten down into. Here the palm sugar inside was not melted enough and so the popping spurt did not occur.

The Sago dessert was good, just sweet enough with the coconut shaving giving it that creamy flavor.

d'Cengkih has much, much more to offer, the above is the range of desserts from which I feasted.

Johor style rojak salad ...

... the spicy peanut sauce that goes with the rojak salad.

Food here is self-service, with several counters displaying a wide range of Johore Malay food. This one for fried food, condiments, etc.

Deep fried salted fish that will definitely go well with curried rice.

The wide variety of curries available at another counter.

More curries & rendangs.

They even serve Balitong (Coconut Snails) curry - one dish that is hard to find in restuarants.

And Malay condiments to spunk up your meal - sambal, mango achar, etc.

Feeling more adventurous? Then try the Nasi Dagang to go with all those lovely curries.

Not in for a heavy meal, then go lighter with their spread of spicy fried noodles, rice, etc.

There's even a fusion spicy macaroni for the younger ones.

Or for even a lighter meal - there is always the ever Malaysian favorite, the Nasi Lemak.
This is also easy take-away food.

The owner, Enc. Haron. He runs the place with his wife Pn. Halifah.
Do try out d'Cengkih, it will be an experience of good Johorean food, culture with a bit of history thrown in.

d' Cengkih Restaurant & Cafe
6, Jalan Tun Mohd. Fuad
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel./Fax : +603-7727 0975
Mobile   : +6012-499 9908 (Puan Halifah)

GPS : 3.139793, 101.628248
d'Cengkih Restaurant & Cafe Location Map (Google Map Link)

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