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Malaysia 2014 : Yong Tau Foo Factory @ Sekinchan

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Bagan Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia - May 2014
We had an interesting cycling trip in Sekinchan recently; one where we went cycling, visiting factories and learning. One of the places we visited was the Yong Tau Foo factory operated by Dong Xin Trading. I have seen Yong Tau Foo being made at stalls for immediate selling but this one is really a factory, producing in large quantities to sell to retailers. Tourists can visit this factory, see how they make their products and also buy from their showroom.

Sekinchan, a small fishing village in Selangor (now it has grown into a small town) has ample supply of fish - very fresh fish - for the making of Yong Tau Foo.

The "factory" is housed in a single-storey timber building at one of the nondescript lanes in the town. The arrow shows that the showroom/saleroom is opposite, the factory is the building behind this sign.

Most of the work is manual in this small building. So I guess it's more of a cottage industry - an important industry that have given good income to the town and added to it's growing economy.

It all starts at an inner section, with this mincing machine. Deboned fish meat is minced to a rough paste; probably some flour, seasoning, etc. has been added for taste & consistency. I did not ask as I value their privacy in maintaining this as a trade secret.

What comes out after is this minced mix; not the final product yet though.

Next, the minced mix goes into this blending machine. It slowly twirls the mix round and round, making it finer and of better consistency.

This is what comes out after mincing; still not the final fish paste yet. Another round of mincing in another mincing machine (probably one with different rotary pedals) and it will be smooth, soft and ready for making Yong Tau Foo.

The paste is the taken to an outer portion, where workers will use it to make the different types of Yong Tau Foo. Yes, it is a painstaking manual process - all the more to appreciate it.

Following are the different types of Yong Tau Foo and how they are made:
This lady is making Hard-boiled Eggs type.

The finished hard-boiled eggs.
This is no easy task, as the lady has to slowly mould the fish paste over half an hard-boiled egg.

These guys are making the Bean Curd Skin type.

The fish paste is spread over the bean curd skin.

The filled skin is folded in half, pressed down and given a quick massage to spread the paste evenly.

This lady is making the White Soft Tofu type.

 So are these girls. This particular type is a favourite amongst customers.

The White Soft Tofu are cut into diagonal halves and hollowed out, ready to receive the fish paste.

Using knives, the girls deftly fill the tofu with fish paste and spread it out.

The finished White Soft Tofu Yong Tau Foo.

This fellow is making the Chilli type. The chillies have been hollowed out and the inner seed core removed before the fish paste is inserted.

The finished Chilli Yong Tau Foo - they are really a colourful lot.

Back at the inner section, the following is being prepared for deep frying:
Fish Balls.

Fish Cakes.

Fish Ball Speckled With Spring Onion.

These are deep fried in large woks by a couple of guys.

The finished deep fried products.
(Update: the size of this section has been reduced, and one may not see all that are illustrated in the photos above)

The products are packaged and sent over to the showroom on the opposite side of the road, ready to be sold. 

Other than the Yong Tau Foo; this place also sells other seafood products such as prawn crackers, dried anchovies, dried prawns, etc.
It was a good learning experience for me and...

59, Lorong 2, Bagan Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel.: 013-304 5097 / 012-380 5777 / 016-998 0098
Hours: 9:00 am to 6:30 pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
GPS: 3.50370, 101.09866

View Sekinchan Yong Tau Foo in a larger map
Dong Xin Trading is located at Lorong 2, Bagan Sekinchan. The road is not shown on Google Maps, the location pointer above is roughly where it is.

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