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YummY! - Ikan Bakar Abc @ Temerloh

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Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia - June 2014
We were on a trip up to Temerloh, Pahang for some cycling to Taman Negara when we stopped at Keekee's hometown for some nice ikan bakar (or some call it ikan panggang, that's grilled fish). For a change from the usual seafood restaurants, it was a good stop for dinner at this road-side stall.

A middle-aged couple runs the stall and does the barbecuing at gas-grille at a rear corner of the shop. Next to the grilling station are a couple of Styrofoam ice-boxes where seafood is kept fresh for patrons to select from.

At the ice box, we made our selection. First was the "Chicken Fish", I really don't know it's real name or why it is thus named; it sure doesn't look like a chicken. I was tempted to go for the big one which probably weighed one kilo, but Keekee had the presence of mind to select the smaller one as we will be having other seafood to. We also ordered a small stingray, prawns, etc.

Our selection were soon grilling over the hot-plate stove. The fish after being seasoned with curry powder and spices were laid on banana leaves so that their skin will not stick to the hot-plate as they cook.

The squid (calamari) were cut into slices, seasoned and similarly grilled atop a banana leaf.

The prawns were grilled directly onto the hot-plate. This is the best way to grill as the prawns will end up with slightly burnt and crispy shells. The aroma of burnt prawns were tempting and worked up our appetite as we waited for the food to be ready.

First to be served were some slices of fish cake with their skin slightly burnt. They were good; soft with some fishy flavour.

The Chicken Fish was grilled with cut lines to its main body, letting the spices seep into the flesh. This spiciness with the freshness of the fish made it superb -  soft tasty meat.

The best was the prawns. Of adequate size and grilled to perfection with slightly burnt residual spices clinging to the shell it could not have tasted better.

We ordered some stir fried vegetables and white rice from the next stall to complement the grilled dishes. With that, it was a hearty and complete dinner.

Temerloh Ikan Bakar Abc is located at a road-side food court along Jalan Kuantan. A landmark would be Bank Muamalat situated on the opposite side of the road, at the junction of Jalan Tengku Ismail and Jalan Serindit

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