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YummY! - Vishalatchi Banana Leaf Rice, Kuala Lumpur

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Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Banana Leaf Rice with vegetables, mutton curry & fried fish
Vihalatchi Food Catering Restaurant professes to sell authentic Chettinad Cuisine. Me, being a non-Inidan was wondering what is Chettinad all about? This cuisine come from the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Hot and spicy and usually served on a banana leaf. It's the food of the Chettiars!

Lynn & me were in Brickfields, the Little India of Kuala Lumpur's  for some business and went to this place for lunch. We entered the restaurant, and were surprised by the crowd. The place was full and we were ushered to a small room at the back. Food must be good then. We sat down and had to wait a while before being served. The food, like any banana-leave rice restaurant is served by servers walking around with various dishes

Vegetables : Fr. L-R, Brinjals, Tomato, Cabbage & Lentils
They will approach the tables with something like 4 dishes, and ask patrons whether they want what is offered. One server will be walking around with vegetable dishes, another meat dishes and yet another fish dishes. I recognized one of the servers to be either a Burmese or an Indonesian. Surprisingly she blended in quiet well with the others, speaking fluent Tamil! She served us the vegetables. By the way, vegetables refills are free.

The fish fella came next, we peered at the various fishes and opted for the fried fish. It was nice, fresh and crispy.

Mutton Curry
Then came the meat server. Chicken curry, fried chicken, etc. were there for us to choose. We went for the mutton curry as it looked the most delicious. Mutton curry never fails me, always having that delightful taste and unique smell, and this one was definitely in that league.

Plain Bryani Rice
We were then asked for our choice of rice, Lynn ordered the plain Biryani rice. I went for the plain white rice, as I wanted to savor the tastes of the curries without any other tactile distractions. 

Plain Yoghurt
Plain Iced Lasse
A cup of water each was served with the course, but we ordered additional Plain Yogurt and Plain Iced Lassi. They also have Mango Lassi.

The meal was good. I liked the vegetables especially the fried spicy brinjals (eggplant). Some patrons, being vegetarians will just order vegetables dishes. Some banana leaf restaurants are purely vegetarian. The fish went well with the rice and the mutton curry enhanced the overall flavor. I recommend that one should take the yogurt or lassi, as they will cool down the body after such a spicy meal. Burp!

Vishalatchi Food Spread
Vishalatchi has a good spread of dishes on its menu. There are several types of curriies - fish, chicken, mutton, prawns. Also on the menu are fried fish (of several varieties), fried chicken, fried squid, chicken in soy sauce, eggs, vegetables etc.

Address: 18 Jalan Scott, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (06)03-2274-4755
GPS: N-3.1361875  E-101.69213

Cost : 
RM11-00  : vegetarian rice per pax
RM   5-00 : fried fish per pax
RM   8-00 : mutton curry
RM   3-50 : iced plain lassi
RM   3-50 : plain yogurt

Location Map of Vishalatchi Banana Leaf Rice (click on map for better view) 

Review / Rating :
Overall Rating : 6.7/10
Recommendation : Good Eats. 
1. Taste :  
(Rated 35/50) - Good, tasty and authentic dishes from many available on the menu.

2. Location : 
(Rated 6/10) - Average location, maybe difficult to locate. Parking could be difficult..

3. Cleanliness: 
(Rated 7/10) - Clean and no unwanted smell.

4. Presentation : 
(Rated 7/10) - Nice but nothing fanciful.

5. Value For Money : 
(Rated 6/10) - Pricing average, but some locals may say slightly expensive.

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