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Photo Gallery - Japan :Kyoto & Osaka

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PHOTO GALLERY - Japan (Osaka & Kyoto) May 5th-11th 2012
These are nice photos I took, but which were not included in my travel blog .Japan - Kyoto/Osaka : May 2012. Enjoy.

Simple but beautiful Kimono at Nijo Station, Kyoto

Pretty Peacock Arch Entrance Into Daimaru

Skyward view of bamboo at Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Serene Japanese Garden at Arashiyama's Bamboo Forest
Model of  an Ancient Japanese Village Scene
Leaf  Silhouette at Kinkaku-ji Gardens
Japanese Motif at Higashi Hogan-ji Temple, Kyoto
Japanese Mural at Nijo Station, Kyoto
Red Lanterns at Dotonbori Street stall
Shinto Gate at Fushimi Inari Temple, Kyoto
Miniature Stone Monks at Sogenchi Gardens, Arashiyama
Temple Roof at Fushimi Inari Temple
Japanese Temple Gate

Entrance Roof of Nijo Castle, Kyoto
Wood Carving over Nijo Castle Entrance, Kyoto
Ancient Japanese Wagon at Nijo Station, Kyoto
Painting of Geisha Girls at Gion, Kyoto
Musicians at Gion Corner, Kyoto
Stage Mural at Gion Corner, Kyoto
Gion Tea Ceremony, Kyoto
Roof Gable End at Higashi Hogan-ji Temple, Kyoto
Miniature model of Todai-ji Temple, Nara
Dotonbori Street Manhole Cover
Colorful Japanese Fans, Gion, Kyoto

You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Photo Gallery / Japan : Kyoto & Osaka
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