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Japan : Kyoto/Osaka - Day 7

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Japan (Osaka & Kyoto) May 5th-11th 2012
Pretty Japanese Fans

Day 7 - Osaka (11th May 2012)

After six hectic days, we decided to take it easy and just hang around the hotel area.
We had thought of visiting Osaka's Aquarium or it's Eye, but there were some distance away. Perhaps, next time.

The girls wanted to do some shopping - and we popped into one of the malls off Dotonbori Street. While the girls were doing their thing, we guys did ours - just hang around admiring the shops and the pretty girls walking by.
Heh heh! Being more metropolitan as compared to Kyoto, the ladies were dressed more up-to-date with better make-up and had nice hair-do. The pretty girls passing by  livened up an otherwise idle time.

Of course, me & Cheong did do some shopping of our own. I bought this nice porcelian doll pair

Lynn saw some pretty flowers, and took a good photo of them. She getting to have a keen eye for photography. Must encourage her.

We had lunch at Satsumakko (again!), as Cheong likes the roast pork there.

This covered-shopping street somehow connected to the departmental store - Daimaru Osaka Umeda
We entered through this small, unassuming, pea-cock door, to a huge departmental store several stories high. Inside was a plethora of goodies. We were more drawn to the cooked food section at the basement level, which further led to a sub-basement level selling mochi and other Japanese desserts.

There were nice pastries,

and more patries,

and even more pastries!

then Mochi,

and finally drinks....

We left Daimaru, had a simple dinner and then went back to the hotel to pick our luggage. And then........

Sayonara Japan!

Till next time.

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