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YummY! - Authentic Vietnamese Food @ Rasa Viet Bangsar South

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Authentic Vietnamese @ Rasa Viet Bangsar South

Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur - September 2019
Looking for good AND authentic Vietnamese fare in Kuala Lumpur. Your search stops here at Rasa Viet!
Rasa Viet is operated by the same people who runs Xin Chao, so one can be assured of good and tasty food without compromising on the authenticity.

Even before one steps into the place, the mood builds up for a good experience - the entrance to the place is like stepping into one of those houses in rural Vietnam - bright colors, French louvered doors and windows, and finished with a nice touch of diamond-pattern vent blocks!

The inside is cozy, not overly bright even though their are cute paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. These lanterns just build up the mood and stirs the appetite.

We started with an exciting combo of assorted spring rolls (Món Cuộn Thập Cẩm), an arrangement that included a real tempting looking summer rolls (Gỏi cuốn) up front with their greens almost overflowing out. These summer rolls are a Vietnamese favorite. The ones here had a nice bitey skin that packed a mixture of super fresh and crunchy vegetables.

Behind them were an assortment of Chicken Fried Rolls, Sweet Potato Yam Rolls, and Mayonnaise Prawn Rolls. Interesting! Some of these rolls one can't get at restaurants; like the fried Yam Rolls (which are predominantly a dish that one finds at a local Vietnamese market). These three combo were tasty and their fried skin complement the bitey soft summer roll with their crispiness.

If the starter had whetted our appetite, the next dish had us drooling - Pomelo Salad (gỏi bưởi). It's a simple dish yet well presented with juicy pomelo flesh stir mixed with other ingredients. A ring of white rice crackers surrounded it like a wall protecting a treasure within.

Just scoop some of the salad onto the rice cake and sprinkle on a bit of the chicken floss and Wala! we have a Vietnamese canape. The fresh salad and juicy pomelo went very well with the crispy rice cake, a great contrasting combo.

For mains we had pho; starting with the favourite Phở bò (beef pho), but with a slight difference. - the version here is is called Beef Steak pho and the beef usedis steak quality meat.

The steak quality beef gave large cuts of slices of soft and tender beef and the same time exuding their flavour very well into the soup. For steak lovers, there's an option to add extra beef steak.

Our next noodle was the Smoke Duck Pho (Phở vịt hun khói). Duck pho is another Vietnamese favourite; Rasa Viet's version went one better by using smoked duck!

The slight saltiness of smoked duck ensured that the duck flavour "seeped" out into the soup even more, I just couldn't get enough of the tasty soup... and don't those slices of duck meat look tempting?

Our Vietnamese pancake (Bánh xèo) came nicely presented with additional salad on one side... PLUS several sheets of netted rice paper.

The netted paper is an extra, normally the pancake is just eaten with the salad but here if patrons want to, they can roll the pancake with the salad greens into spring rolsl. Dennis the owner/operator of Rasa Viet was most helpful in showing us how it's done - dip the paper into the saucer of water provide till it soften, add a salad green and then add some of the Bánh xèo on top and just start rolling. We got it right after two to three attempts 😁.

Beautifully done... by Dennis ..... not me 😂.

They have a good range of desserts here; we went for the Triple Platter (Bánh mít rắn thập cẩm kem dừa) with coconut ice-cream, this consist of slices of sweet potoato, banana and cempedak deep fried in a light batter. Another good yin-yang combo of hard and soft, warm and cold! Cempedak is in the same family as the jack fruit except that it has a soft flesh with a stronger aroma, because of this it goes well when deep fried.

Now this is one dish not to be missed when dining here, my favourite the Creme Caramel Pudding (bánh flan). The one here is not to soft and the kicker is the top burnt caramel, with it's stronger burnt aroma that boosted the flavour of the pudding.

What is dining at a Vietnamese joint without having Vietnamese Coffee? Here's mine, a cà phê sữa đá; the condensed milk and ice are served separately. The coffee as expected is strong with a distinct aroma.

Another not to be missed Vietnamese cration - Sinh Tố, this one is an avocado smoothie called Sinh Tố bơ. Many fruits are used for making st but I like avocado best as the creaminess of the fruit complements the creaminess of the milk well.

Below are Rasa Viett menu, startinge with their Spring Rolls (Gỏi cuốn):

Rasa Viet Side Dish (món phụ) Menu:

Rasa Vet Salad (món gỏi) Menu:

Rasa Viet Vietnamese Pancake (Bánh xèo) Menu:

Rasa Viet Pate Menu:

Rasa Viet Phở Menu:

Rasa Viet Phở Menu:

Rasa Viet Vermicelli Menu:

More Rasa Viet Vermicelli Menu:

Rasa Viet Rice (cơm) Menu:

Rasa Viet Hot Pot Menu:

Rasa Viet Beverage Menu:

More Rasa Viet Beverage Menu:

Even more Rasa Viet Beverage Menu:

Rasa Viet Sinh Tố Menu:

Rasa Viet Dessert Menu:

More Rasa Viet Dessert Menu:

(Note: prices are correct at time of blog.)

(by Xin Chao Vietnam)

G-3A, Level Ground, The Sphere
1 Avenue 1, Bangsar South City, 8 Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Facebook: Rasa Viet The Sphere & Xin Chao Viet Nam 
GPS & Directional Map: 3.11036, 101.66756
(Click here for Google Street View)

79, Jalan SS20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7732 9880
Facebook: Rasa Viet Damansara Kim
GPS & Directional Map: 3.13466, 101.62907
(Click here for Google Street View)

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