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Sites : MBI Desaku Park - Wonders of the World Garden

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MBI Desaku Park - Wonders of the World Garden 
MBI Desaku Park, Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia - March 2019
During a cycling tour of the Northern States of Peninsular Malasia; we managed to visit a beautiful park at the outskirts of Kulim, called MBI Desaku! This park, is very well done up and is spread out in the various gardens of a residential development.
The best time to visit is during dusk when the colourfully lit displays are at their best against a dark blue background changes to black as night sets in. The park is divided into several themed sections, this is the section showing Wonders of the World. Enjoy!

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This section is near the entrance to the park and is the first that many would see as they drive in. It's an appropriate introduction to the place, suddenly seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

But don't just drive through, visit as dusk sets in and take a walk around the park. As it gets dark the colourful lights come on, and the place comes alive with a bright magical quality.

The Eiffel Tower standing tall .....

..... and the Leaning Tower of Pisa stood tall too, although with a bit of a slant!

And this is the London Eye, not a very close replica but it's colourful.

This is one that I like best, with it's candy looking domes standing on different coloured towers. The towers are replicas of sections of the Saint Basil's Cathedral located at Red Square in Moscow. By some coincidence I would be going on a holiday to Russia a couple of months later and see the actual cathedral for real.... Cool!

And our Malaysian favourite - the Petronas Twin Towers.

The park may not be that large, but within it are ponds which reflected the colourful displays.

This is another favourite, a colourful peacock with it's tail wrapped wround a vase.

This may not be a Wonder but it's detailing was exquisite. A close up here shows one of the many lotus blooms that surround it.

Don't just come here for the colourful light displays, here too are nice pathways that wend through the garden. Taking a walk here is so serene.

And other than the iconic displays, there are niches of planting like this Cactus Garden .....

And tall Ficus plants with nicely trimmed domed leaves and intertwining aerial roots reaching down to form a basket weave pattern.

As night sets in, the lights come on and eerily brush colours onto the plants... ever seen a red cactus garden, here it is!

The light paints the plants with colours that gives the whole place a surrealistic feel, like this voilet lit purple Bougainvillea shrub .....

Purple Ficus behind dark blue catci .....

A haunting blue lit very tall Ficus bush.....
Salvador Dali would have been proud!

And for the children (or the kids withing the adults), cheery pandas and other cartoon characters dot the artificial trees.

We walked out onto a road lined with Avatar like plants .....

Its bright floral ceiling speckled with stardust lighting will lead us to other sections!

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Kampung Sungai Karangan, 09010 Karangan, Kedah
Entrance fee: Free.
Hours: 9:00am to 9:00pm
(As the park is within a residential area in respect of privacy for the residents, these are suggested hours)
Direction Map & GPS: 5.50825, 100.62267

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