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YummY! - Teriyaki Don @ Sukiya Uptown

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Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia - April 2014.
While on a bike-packing trip in Japan (that's a term cyclists use for overnight out-of-town trips on a bicycle), I was introduced to the Sukiya chain that sells relatively cheap Gyudon (rice with sliced beef). We found the Sukiya outlets in Tokyo affordable for our budget bike-packing trip.

So when Sukiya started opening outlets in Malaysia, I was curious to see if the food served in these local branches were a reasonably priced and as good as those in Tokyo.
Read on to see how Sukiya Malaysia fares.

I had the Teriyaki Chicken Set Meal (On the menu, it's called Teri Teisyoku) while my buddy had the Okra Gyudon. Out of courtesy, I did not take photos of his Gyudon meal, so I can't share that with you.
The Teriyaki set came with two pieces of chicken, a bowl of salad, one half-boiled egg and a bowl of lovely, fluffy Japanese white rice.

I love their rice, it's that short, stubby type that cooks without sticking together and gives a good solid yet soft bite.

The Teriyaki Chicken came with adequate gravy to go with the rice. It was nicely presented, conveniently cut into small chunks (like most Japanese food) with a sprinkling of spring onion.

The chicken has been de-boned and superbly grilled with the meat having a thin layer of skin and some nicely burnt spots. One bite into it and I could taste the flavourful Teriyaki Sauce that had seeped slightly into the tender chicken. YummY!

The meal was almost similar to the one I had in Tokyo except for one thing - THE EGG.
Here it's half-boiled and served already cracked opened. In Tokyo we were given an unopened egg which was raw; this left us in a conundrum of what to do with the raw egg, in the cold weather putting it under the warm rice was not enough to cook it! (... see Japan Biking Day 2 blog, on how I managed or un-managed this). My guess is that not many in Malaysia like raw eggs and they had adapt for local palate.

The salad served was actually lightly broiled slices of carrot and cabbage. The amount was not too much, just enough to provide adequate roughage for the meal.

I am a sucker for soups, especially so if I am having a rice meal. The Miso Soup that came was just perfect to go with the stubby white rice, it was good and fairly thick with Miso. Pour some onto the rice and the Miso flavour went well with the Teriyaki Sauce to enhance the rice eating experience.

Just to spice up our Spartan meal, we had their Seafood Tofu Set. The tofu was something like a layered cake with three layers - a top fried layer, a second steamed layer and a third yellowish layer (with egg?). A large piece of this was deep fried and cut into mouthful manageable cubes.
Texture wise, they are harder than the Chinese Tofu and approaches a bite-feel of fish cake. Taste wise - Simple but Fantastic! The combo of three layers makes it unique.
UPDATE MARCH 2015: I tried this again, the quality seems to have dropped. The layering seems to be two layers only and the taste is now not as good. I do hope that they revert back to this quality.

Sukiya's shop-front is easily recognisable - with it's stylized icon bright red rice bowl on a yellow background and three Japanese characters in white on the bowl.

The inside is simplistic yet clean and neat. Decorations are some posters of Japan Yohohama scenery, etc. hanging on the wall.

To keep operation cost low, staffing has been kept to a minimum. Off peak hours, only one staff man the counter while in the kitchen there where two personnel.
The staff wear Sukiya's recognisable dark brown t-shirt, light brown pants. The t-shirt centre button portion has a stripe that makes it look like a tie. All the staff wear their specially designed cap that covers the hair fully and yet does not look like a hair-net.

To further keep cost low (so as to be able to sell at this reasonable pricing); it's self service here. Menu's are on the table or counter seating. Chopsticks, utensils, sauces and garnishing are available at all tables or at the front of the counter-seating tables.
You read through the menu and make an order at the serving counter; when the food is ready, you go collect it yourselves. No pampering here, even after eating all used crockery and utensils should be sent to the counter. And in proper Japanese fast-food decorum, one should also wipe the table/place that one has used so that it is ready to receive the next patron.

All these effort in keeping costs low is reflected in our bill of RM31-60 (inclusive of tax). I would say this is very reasonable for a satisfactory Japanese meal for two in a cozy, comfortable environment.
Oh... yah, for those who are happy to just drink water, it's free.
They take orders for take-aways too. Just give them a buzz through their telephone and come collect later.

Favourite meals poster-menu.

Set Meal (Teishoku) Menu.

Snacks & Side Order Menu.

Chicken Rice & Curry Menu.

Drinks Menu.

38G, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama, 43400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Hours- 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
GPS: 3.137369, 101.622596

For the outlet in USJ Taipan :

View Sukiya Uptown : Gyudon & Teriyaki in a larger map

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