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Gallery : Street Art @ Shah Alam

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Street Art @ Shah Alam
 Selangor, Malaysia - May 2014
I love street art!
They are an art form that is colourful, looks impromptu but yet the artists have put a lot of thought and work into them. They line the walls of cities with a liveliness; often baring the city's moods and soul, and sometimes showing a glimpse of its conscience.
In Malaysia, street art caught my fancy when I visited the Heritage Zone of George Town. Since then, I have seen them in Malacca (... see blog), Ipoh (... see blog) and even in the walls of the storm drains of the Klang River in Kuala Lumpur (... see blog).

Shah Alam is a purpose-planned city to take over as the capital of Selangor after it's former capital Kuala Lumpur was declared a national territory. Being a pre-planned city, it is modern, well structured with many nice parks, and iconic buildings such as the renown blue-domed state mosque - the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque.
However, many planned cities in the world are seen as too conforming, too structured in physical design and community planning; too disciplined to allow the resident's to open up their creativity. It is then with some surprise that I see street art in Shah Alam while on a cycling jaunt with some buddies in this city.

Here are the art, enjoy!
The Shah Alam Museum rendered in yellow.

Power to the People?

Connected ideas; the pipework and window hoods become part of the art.

Shout Art.

Jom! Minum Kopi...

Lincoln's Conscience.

Colourful Eyes - looks like something that escaped from Alice in Wonderland.

Thumbs up!

The round air-conditioning fas seems to add eyes to this one maiking it look like some yellow Transformer bug.

This may look like a normal black steel door with a "No Vandalism" (in Malay) at the top left.
If one looks closely, someone has etched a sketch to the bottom of the left leaf.

Looking closely, and I notice that the etching was a stylized scenery of Shah Alam.

Now, this is an interesting one - a classroom on a vertical wall. Desks and chairs in horizontal positions are bolted onto the straight wall. Even the school bags, a broom and waste-paper basket is there.
OR... perhaps this is a teacher's nightmare of "My students are driving me up the wall!"

Another view of The Classroom On A Wall.

Bottom up view of the classroom.

Some tom-foolery at the classroom. This kind of stunt would have this "student" sent to detention class.

A robot doing street art with a can of spray paint. The saying on the right in Malay means "The Young Have Style".

Another conscience mural. On fellow wearing a gas mask for protection against pollution. Another fellow holding up the problems of his world (signified by that air cond unit). A third fellow is nonchalant while a mouse looks inquisitively at him.

"Population" Indonesia Malaysia 2013.
I am still trying to figure out what it means.

A blue mini-bus.

(Photo by Swofinty)
My buddies became part of the art too! That's the good thing about street art; people tend to interact with them.

Section 2 Shah Alam Street Art.

"Late For School"
Run.... Run! Oops! Too late, the tiger of the school is already waiting.

Sea Nymph.


Ruriari? Your guess is as good as mine. It's art!

Star Wars.

We Run This City.
Yeah! Thumbs up for cyclists.


This is the back alley where the street art is located. It's just one alley among many in Shah Alam, but it's a good start for the art scene there.

View Street Art Of Shah Alam - Location Map in a larger map
The street art of 
Shah Alam adorns the rear walls of shop-house at the back alley of Jalan Bunga Tanjung 2/16, Shah Alam, Malaysia.
GPS coordinates are: 3.071130, 101.508492

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